A 19-year-old girl was arrested in connection with an ATM robbery case in Kerala, on Friday, 7 August.

Sindhya, who hails from Puthoor, Kollam, has been cheating many old-aged women and school children, on the pretext of helping them to withdraw money from ATMs.

The incident has been reported from Kottarakara in Kerala.

The girl would help the customer to withdraw money from the machine and get to know their ATM pin in the process. After handing over the money to the customer, she would exchange the ATM card and give them a different one instead of the original. Considering she had the original card with the pin number, she easily withdrew money from their account later. 

The girl's trick came to the light after a woman lost Rs 39,000 from her account and registered a complaint regarding the same. The police and bank officials then checked the CCTV footage and spotted the girl. She was later seen withdrawing money at the same ATM and the security staff's intervention helped the officials arrest the 19-year-old.

Investigative officers have also found evidences of the girl withdrawing money from the ATM in Kottarakara many times before. 

Meanwhile, police have also learnt of similar incidents in many parts in Kollam district in recent days, and hence believe it to be a big racket.

Watch the CCTV footage of ATM robbery below: