Is The Cat Moving Up Or Down? New Image Sparks Social Media Buzz After #TheDress
After #TheDress, A Cat Sparks Internet Buzz; Is The Cat Going Up Or Down?9gag

If we learnt anything from #TheDress debate, it's better to let optical illusions run their course on the internet as it is bound to fade away eventually. But if you are eager to participate in yet another debate, a new pixilated black-and-white image of a cat has gone viral on the internet. The question that this picture poses is whether the cat is climbing up or down the stairs?

The grainy image holds good for both answers, depending on how you look at it. Like #TheDress, the new image has its own hashtag, #CatStairs, where users are commenting their opinions along with with justifications like the design on the stairs, shadow of the cat and the general cat biology.

The photo was uploaded anonymously on Imgur almost a week ago. It garnered more than 395,000 views there; and on 9gag, users posted over 3,000 comments. The photo originally appeared on an Arabic website,, in 2012, with a caption that translates to "Cat is neither climbing nor descending."

It's interesting to see the intellectuals crack the mystery, while trolls take their best shot at mocking the nuisance. We handpicked some of the comments and tweets in connection with the #CatStairs debate for your pleasure.

"If a cat walks down, it's tail always stands up, if a cat walks up, it's tail always stay down," wrote a user on Facebook.

"Down. You can tell by the edges of the steps," wrote Daniel Nepomuceno on Facebook.

"Plot twist : The cat is not moving at all! Its a picture," commented another user.

"This cat is going places," one user commented.

"Thats not a cat. It's a dragon," said another user.

The new cat image has sparked a similar sensation like #TheDress did in February. There were endless arguments over the colour of the dress, whether it was black and blue or gold and white. But looks like it is time to forget the dress and whine about the cat.