As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc among big and small businesses in the country, a video of 14-year-old egg vendor's cart being vandalised and overturned by civic body officials has taken the social media by storm. 

This is not the first time, a vendor is being harassed, several cases across the country have been reported where vendors have been manhandled amid the pandemic. 

Indore egg

Pay Rs 100 bribe or leave

This heart-wrenching video shows the egg vendor whose cart was overturned and the eggs shamelessly smashed on the road. The boy donning a white shirt is seen standing up to two men, who appear to be civic officials

Indore civic body official overturning the cart carrying eggs belonged to the 14-year-old boy trying to make ends meet. 

The boy refused to pay Rs 100 as the official asked him to move the cart or pay the bribe. The official then decided to topple his cart.  In another video, the boy was heard saying, "My daily sale has been down because of the pandemic and the loss of his stock will put an additional financial burden." 

Left-Right rule for shops and vendors in MP 

In order to control the spread of coronavirus, the MP administration implemented left-right rule for vendors and shops. 

Under this, shops on the right side of the road will be allowed to open on one day, followed by those on the other side the next day. The decision, however, was slammed by the members of the ruling BJP in Madhya Pradesh with the leaders asking the state government to remove the 'left-right' system.

Saying that the small businesses are already suffering due to coronavirus pandemic, they asked the MP government not to harass street vendors any further.