Famous YouTuber Harsh Beniwal is known for posting funny content on social media. After garnering success as a content creator, he has now forayed into acting. After making his Bollywood debut with Student of the Year 2, he recently made his web debut with AltBalaji's "Who's Your Daddy?"

However, his identity and caliber lie as a video content creator. As many of you are aware of the YouTube vs TikTok feud and the controversies surrounding it. Harsh Beniwal who is a close friend of Carry Manati spoke exclusively with International Business Times, India about the ongoing controversy and what are the guidelines he is following after the whole ruckus.

Hatsh beniwal

Excerpts from the interview:

On YouTuber vs TikTok roast

The TikTok community targeted the YouTube community claiming whose content is better, and the roast started. YouTubers didn't target everyone. There were few cringe content creators on TikTok that we targeted. And then they started targeting so we had to take action. Our entire motive was not to hurt anyone or their sentiments.

On Carry Minati's video being pulled down

ajay and carry

I believe Carry Minati (Ajey Nagar) roasted quite well. He was commendable. The reason why his video shattered all the records was because the audience loved what he said. However, none of us know the reason nor Carry knows why his video was pulled down He is sad and hurt. I would also be hurt if this would have happened to me. The entire feud went out of proportion as his words were misinterpreted. The fight should be over making cringe content.

It is not who is better who is worse. There are several YouTubers whose content is cringe. There are many Tiktokers who have good content as well. This fight has taken an ugly turn. But that's good now everyone will focus on their art and craft and work towards making better content rather than putting anything just in the name of content.

Any guidelines that will be followed

Like always, we never aim to hurt anyone's sentiments. If you look at my content, it is always about making my fans and audience laugh. So whenever I make a video I make sure that I laugh at it. Keeping all the community guidelines intact. I will continue to entertain my audiences.

For the unversed,

What started YouTube vs TikTok battle?

The war between the content creators started with TikTok user Amir Siddiqui posting a video calling out YouTubers. In his video, Siddiqui compared both the mediums and highlighted the unity of the TikTok community. He also accused YouTubers of plagiarising TikTok content. He instigated creators who roast the community to come out with a response.

What was the CarryMinati video about?

CarryMinati, who is known for roasting shows and celebrities, went ahead and dissected Siddiqui's video. CarryMinati roasted TikToker left, right and centre. His video was just a day away from creating the world record and YouTube pulled his video down.