Captain America v Iron Man
Captain America v Iron ManFacebook/Captain America

The news of yet another "Spider-Man" reboot may have been met with widespread exasperation, but "Captain America: Civil War" is all set to change your minds. However, most fan theories predict that the movie may spell disaster for the titular hero Captain America (Chris Evans).

"Captain America: Civil War" has received amazing reviews from critics everywhere, and one common point in these reviews has been about the wonderful performance of the teenage Spider-Man played by Tom Holland. However, more importantly, this teenage superhero is apparently the reason the movie even exists.

Reportedly, Spider-Man's presence in the movie was creatively a non-negotiable requirement. "We had to commit to him, on a creative level, many, many months before he was available to us on a legal level," Civil War co-director Anthony Russo said. "... So they'd always say to us, 'Guys you've gotta have a Plan B, this might not work.' We'd say 'We get it, we get it, we have a Plan B.' But we never had a Plan B," director Anthony Russo told io9.


The decision definitely worked in the favour of the Russo brothers, because most critics are happy with the new Spidey. In fact, the Russos have validated their presence with a good amount of screen presence and even involved him in the fight scenes. This also allowed for the moviegoers to really appreciate the introduction of the new Spider-Man.

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Spider-Man's team is reportedly even going to get a great win when they kill Captain America. Although, it is hard to believe good old Cap's death would make anyone on Team Iron Man happy.

Regardless, it looks like the death is inevitable and that some other character will take over as the new Captain America ahead of the intergalactic fight with Thanos (Josh Brolin). The question at that point is who will it be? The most likely candidates seem to be his BFFs Bucky aka Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) or Sam aka Falcon (Anthony Makcie).

As comic book fans will know, Sam has become the first black Captain America for the "Avengers Now!" line-up. The story unravels such that Steve Rogers becomes de-powered and the Falcon steps up to fill the void that his friend left. This could be one way that the Marvel Cinematic Universe progresses as well.

Bucky has also had a stint as the Cap in the comics, after his friend was shot and killed in the "Civil War" of the comic books. His relation to this particular storyline makes him a more likely candidate that the Falcon. Bucky's version of the Cap was a more vulnerable superhero, in that, he did not have a super soldier serum running through his veins. He was also not afraid to kill the bad guys, he did not refrain from carrying the gun, unlike Rogers.