The "Captain America: Civil War" team may have wrapped up filming, but it looks like rumours and leaked trailers continue to tease fans about the plot of the upcoming Marvel film. The latest reveal is about Iron Man and Captain America's costumes, which have been revealed through leaked promo artwork.

A new promo artwork of "Captain America: Civil War" have surfaced online and it reveals the newly-designed costumes of both the superheros.

CLICK HERE to view the supposed new promotional artwork.

This artwork shared by Twitter user @IamNotAutistic gives a better and closer look at the suits of Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr).

The fans will be excited to know that Marvel has decided to incorporate the scaled armour for Captain America in "Civil War". This armour, as comic book followers will already know, is Cap's signature trademark costume.

On the other hand, Tony Stark aka Iron Man is shown donning the most-talked-about Bleeding Edge Armor, which features the nanotechnology advancement.

This artwork could be real as recently, a series of leaked photos from the sets of the film also revealed RDJ sporting the Bleeding Edge Armor while shooting the final sequences.

When the leaked photos had surfaced online, there were various reports that pointed out Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man's Mark 46 armour is based on the Bleeding Edge Armor, which is considered to be Stark's most advanced suit. According to the comics, it gives him a 360 degree view even while armoured up.

Various other reports highlighted that Bleeding Edge is basically a fluid substance that Stark can keep stored within his body until he calls upon it. This in turn gives him super strength and makes him more powerful.

In fact, these leaked photos, which were taken in Germany (where the last few scenes were shot), also shows the other characters, including Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow, Don Cheadle's War Machine and Paul Rudd's Ant-Man, in upgraded costumes.

Now, whether Captain America will don the scaled armour or Iron Man will appear in the Bleeding Edge Armor, we will know only when "Captain America: Civil War" releases on 6 May, 2016, in the US and on 29 April, 2016, in the UK.