No wife or husband would like to see their spouse romancing with someone else. But when it comes to actors, they have no choice. It is obvious that the profession of actors demands them to touch, romance, cuddle, dance, eat and do a lot more together. Because without any of these above mentioned things, it doesn't look like the hero and heroine are in love with each other.

But not always their spouses might take it on a lighter note. Sometimes things go out of hand and spouses come up strict rules for their husbands when it comes to working with heroines, and romancing them on screen.

Karthi with wife Ranjini Chinnaswamy.

Ranjini did not like it

Something similar happened to actor Karthi sometime back. Talking to a popular Telugu television channel, the Sultan actor revealed, "My wife comes from a non-filmy background, unlike my sister-in-law. So she actually doesn't know how things work. So one day, she asked whether I cannot act without touching the heroine. I told her that there are hundred people watching us what we are doing. Also, I explained her why such scenes are necessary for the film."

Karthi during a vacation with wife, daughter, and parents.Twitter

My wife is possessive

This is something that many heroes complain. To avoid such questions and how audiences react to it, actresses quit acting after getting married. When the interviewer asked whether his wife Ranjini feels jealous, Karthi said, "Yeah, of course. She is very possessive. I am somebody who involves a lot in scenes. So I think she feels that I am doing too much on screen. Jokes apart, she is an amazing person. She gets along really well with her co-sister. To me, that is more important. Because they need to be together, for our brothers and sister to stay together."

Karthi and Ranjini Chinnaswamy got married in 2011 and they one of the most adorable couples of Kollywood.