Chatrapathi Shekar has got Chatrapathi as his surname only after the worked for the film, which is a Prabhas starrer. In fact, audiences were all praises for the actor for his performance. The film fetched a lot of name and fame for the actor that he has never even imagined he would get. At the same time, it helped him in laying a path for himself in the Tamil film industry too.

Talking to one of popular YouTube channels, Shekar spoke about how helpful the film was for him, and also that the indebted to Rajamouli, the director of the film. Not many know that Prabhas, the lead actor of the film had saved Shekar's life from.


"The scene in the boat is very popular. We used to go far into the sea early in the morning and by the time we complete shooting and reach back to the shore, it would be around 9 pm. The whole team worked really hard in shooting that boat scene because it was very scary as we drove almost 35km from the shore," said Shekar.

Shekar even revealed that something so dangerous and scary has happened to him on the boat that he almost lost his life, and how Prabhas took a risk in saving his life.

Chatrapathi Shekar
Shekhar, who is popularly known as Chatrapthi Shekar.Twitter

"Literally, I was hanging upside down from the boat. While Prabhas was holding my legs from falling, my head was in the water. Every time the director would say action, I had to come out of the water, and Ajay had to hold my collar. But once, he couldn't. So I fell into the water again, Prabhas made sure he didn't leave my legs. All I knew at that moment was that the whole team, especially Prabhas, just wanted to save me," he said.

Adding more to it, Chatrapathi Shekar said that he would have almost died if his head hit the other boat, in which the camera and other technicians were there. He said he will be thankful to Prabhas throughout his life.