Canonical will move its Ubuntu platform to mobile devices to directly compete with Google and Apple.
Canonical will move its Ubuntu platform to mobile devices to directly compete with Google and Mason

UK based software development firm Canonical Ltd. has confirmed that the company will launch the Ubuntu based mobile operating system for smartphones.

Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical, on Tuesday said in her official blog, "Today we're announcing our latest and, in my opinion, our most important ever product: Ubuntu is coming to the phone."

"What is remarkable about the Ubuntu phone interface is the extent to which it is instantly recognisable as Ubuntu in terms of how everything looks and works, yet it is perfectly designed for its form factor. Ubuntu makes finding and switching between apps and content easier than any other mobile OS I've ever used," she added.

Ubuntu smartphone platform is said to offer same good user interface and run faster on all entry level smartphones as well as high-end smartphones.

Ubuntu is considered to be the most popular among the OSs according to open source Linux enterprise. However, many technology analysts are skeptical about how well Ubuntu based mobile OS is going to stack up against top smartphone OS markers.

The global smartphone OS market is led by Google's Android OS, Apple iOS, RIM's BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone OS, and the reports of Samsung bringing in the new mobile OS 'Tizen' will make the competition more intense.

The software company Canonical Ltd. is optimsitc that many of its software partners and app developers will be excited about the prospects of new Ubuntu based mobile OS, but the new OS's future will really depend on how well the average consumers will respond to the Ubuntu smartphone platform.

Consumers will always prefer a well established mobile platform which offers well developed user friendly interface as well as a huge set of apps. The Ubuntu mobile platform has got itself an uphill task of creating a good impression on the average users' mind.

The Ubuntu based mobile OS is slated to be unveiled in the upcoming showcase event CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas to be held from January 8 to 11. The Ubuntu maker Canonical has also promised to showcase the new mobile OS at MWC (Mobile World Congress), Barcelona in February this year.

The company is planning to release the new Ubuntu's smartphone platform at least by the end of this year or early 2014.