Cannes Film Festival is all about filmmakers showcasing their choicest film in front of the prestigious panel, however of late, celebrities from all across the world are putting their fashion foot forward on the red carpet.

And on Sunday, at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, a woman dressed staged a protest on the red carpet during the screening of the film Acide, on the steps of the Palais des Festivals.

Cannes 2023

Model douses herself in blood protesting against Russia-Ukraine war on the red carpet of Cannes

The model donned a yellow and blue dress with blue heels, the woman pulled out two capsules of the red paint and smiled at the cameras before releasing it on her head. Her protest was impossible to ignore, and she was subsequently apprehended by authorities.

As the security guards immediately take her off the stairs, however, the photogs captured several videos and pictures of her staging the protest in her own way.

There has been no response from the festival insiders regarding this protest.

Several pictures and videos of the act are currently going viral on social media

A user wrote "Well done that lady." Another netizen commented, "Nicely done by her!!!!!"

"And she still looks FABULOUS!," another mentioned.

The third wrote, "Respect for what she did. The bloody war goes on, broken families and maimed, missing soldiers. The world turns a blind eye."

The fourth one averred, "Without any word she expressed her pain."


"Who are these PPL and how are they allowed? I thought Cannes was only for film stars ?" mentioned another user.


Meanwhile, at the opening ceremony of the festival, French actress Catherine Deneuve paid tribute to the victims of the Russia-Ukraine war and recited a poem, Hope, by the Ukrainian poet, Lesya Ukrainka.

For the unversed, this act came amid reports that Russian soldiers were committing sexual violence against Ukrainian women.

The war, which began on 24 February 2022, has taken numerous lives and it still continues to escalate between the two countries.