Canada got its new defence minister in Indian-born Harjit Sajjan on Wednesday, and netizens could not have enough of the Canadian Lieutenant-Colonel's 'badass' image.

The Justin Trudeau-led Liberal Party inducted 30 cabinet ministers on Wednesday after storming into power in the general elections last month. 

For the significant Punjabi community based in Canada, the day was memorable as two Sikhs, including Harjit Sajjan, were sworn into the cabinet along with two others of Indian origin. 

But even for other Canadians, Sajjan was hailed as a combat veteran who has served in the Canadian Armed Forces in Bosnia and Afghanistan. 

While Harjit Sajjan was praised for his military awards and honours (he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for intelligence gathering and curbing Taliban influence in Kandahar), his 'heroic' photos in army fatigues and standing next to Taliban militants became the point of discussion on twitter. 

According to Twitter Canada, Harjit Sajjan's welcome into the Canadian cabinet was the most retweeted among the 30 ministers inducted on Wednesday. 

Some Twitterati called him a 'badass' and 'amazingly awesome', while some compared his photo in fatigues to the previous defence ministers dressed in suits. 

Here are a few tweets that show how Harjit Sajjan won over Twitter on Wednesday - 

Sajjan was born in the Bombeli village in Punjab, India, and moved with his family to Vancouver when he was five. 

He served in the Vancouver Police Department for 11 years, working as a detective in the Gang Crime Unit. 

As part of the Canadian Armed Forces, he was deployed once in Bosnia and thrice to Afghanistan, and received numerous awards for his service. 

He was awarded for having 'singlehandedly changed the face of intelligence gathering and analysis in Afghanistan', according to his biography

He was selected as an MP from Vancouver South.