"Justin Trudeau literally looks like a disney prince" read one tweet following the results of the Canada election, which gave the country a new, young leader often talked about for his looks. 

Canada is set to welcome a new prime minister in 43-year-old Justin Trudeau, son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, as the Liberals ousted the incumbent Conservatives who had held office for ten years. 

The second youngest Canadian prime minister is known for his boyish good looks, but has plans that will shift Canada to a new era after the more conservative and restrictive rule under Stephen Harper. 

In fact, several Conservative ads attempted to chide Trudeau for his looks, claiming that he was a 'fresh face' but was 'just not ready' to be the prime minister. 

However, the young Justin seems to have several plans up his sleeve, with the more important one being to run "modest" budget deficits to invest in infrastructure during the first three years of his term. 

Secondly, the new government will bring in tax cuts for the middle class, while increasing taxes for wealthier Canadians.

The Liberal government seeks to improve ties with neighbour United States, which had become frosty over recent years under Harper's regime.

Trudeau's Liberal Party also won a lot of global backing for its criticism of Stephen Harper's plan to ban the niqab, a veil that Muslim women wear to cover their faces, in public offices and during oath-taking ceremonies. 

The young leader had come down hard on the Conservatives for promoting a xenophobic climate in the country, which he compared to Canada's policies against Jews during World War II. 

Trudeau's Liberal Party had also promised to take in 25,000 refugees by the end of the year, a figure more than the 10,000 promised by the New Democratic Party by January 2016 and the Conservatives' restricted figure of accepting 10,000 refugees over the next few years. 

Justin Trudeau had also said that he will move to legalising marijuana, though he said that he was 'looking at ways to do it right'. 

Only medical marijuana is legal in Canada as of now. 

Trudeau said that marijuana will not be made available in 'corner stores' and will be 'controlled and regulated'. 

Trudeau has also planned to pull Canada out of its combat mission against the Islamic State after a year of its military action in the Middle East along with the United States. 

The Liberal government plans to only provide humanitarian aid to the region and to help train local rebels fight Isis. 

These may have been the very factors that Canadians would have voted in majority to bring in the Liberals into power, rather than Justin's looks. 

"We won this election because we listened," Trudeau himself said after his victory.