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Screenshot of a stunning UFO sighting from Canada.YouTube/thirdphaseofmoon

Canada is famous for hockey, moose, and of course Mounties, but according to a Canadian UFO survey, it's also famous for UFOs. The survey stated that around 1,131 UFO sightings were reported across the country in 2016.

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Around 13 UFO sightings were observed in Mississauga last year, and three more were documented in Brampton, according to a mississauga.com report.

There were reports of UFO sightings in Brampton on April 23, 2016 at 9 pm when a V-shaped "alien craft" was observed hovering over the area. The craft also changed colour.

Another UFO sighting took place near Pearson International Airport in Mississauga on November 4, 2016, around 5.22 am. Witnesses claimed to have seen two bright lights, one of the lights was white, while the other was red. They also stated the UFO came to a halt and then suddenly vanished.

Another UFO sighting occurred on November 16 last year around 6.10pm, in which a flying object with lights at each end was seen flying at a great speed while pulsating and changing direction, as per a mississauga.com report.

Out of the UFO sightings that took place in 2016, 21 percent of the reports had credible explanations while 79 per cent was considered unsatisfactory. Compared to 2015, where 66 percent of the reports were considered probable, while 20 percent were found unacceptable.

You can check out the exact object witnessed in the skies over Winnipeg, Canada, right here:


It was later found that a strange object witnessed in the skies over Canada was a military operation. The Canadian UFO survey report doesn't point towards any evidence of an alien visitation.

"Each case may still have an explanation following further investigation. And, of those that remain unexplained, they may (stay) unexplained but still are not incontrovertible proof of extraterrestrial intervention or some mysterious natural phenomenon," the report quoted.

The reports revealed that a majority of UFO sightings took place in June, July and August, around 37.7 percent) and about 54.9 percent were reported as lights in the sky.

The UFO sightings reported comprised craft that were either the classic flying saucer, triangular, cigar-shaped or fireball.

You can check out the fireball UFO right here:


Most UFO sightings have were reported to numerous sources, including Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Here's more UFO footage that will leave you stunned:

YouTube/ thirdphaseofmoon