Ankit Keshri
Ankit Keshri suffered an unfortunate death after colliding with his fellow player while going for the catchFacebook

Famous personalities such as Mamata Banerjee, Sachin Tendulkar, Shahrukh Khan and Anil Kumble condoled the unfortunate death of a young Bengali cricketer, Ankit Keshri, who died due to an on- field incident, where he collided with his teammate while going for a catch.

The young cricketer died three days after the incident, which took place on Friday, during a Bengal Division 1 match between East Bengal and Bhawanipore.

But, the case has taken a controversial turn as Ankit's father has hinted at some medical negligence for his son's death.

"Ankit's situation was stable on Friday. Tests carried out on him showed that he was doing well. Doctors told us that since his condition is stable now, he can be shifted to the general ward from the ICU," DNA quoted Raj Kumar Keshri as saying.

The cricketer, from the field of play, was taken to the AMRI Hospital in an ambulance, but was shifted to Nightingale hospital as per the instructions of the CAB officials.

"He was shifted to Nightingale on the instructions of CAB officials. He was doing well in the previous hospital. He was not treated properly in this hospital as a result of which he succumbed to his injuries," added Raj Kumar.

But, Rupak Barua, CEO, AMRI Hospital stated that he had informed Ankit's family of the need for two tests to check his brain condition and also wanted to keep him under observation.

"We had recommended two more tests - MRI angiography and carotin doppler - to check his brain condition. He had fever and was drowsy. We wanted to keep him under observation as the diagnosis was incomplete," the Times of India quoted Barua as saying.

"But his family members insisted on shifting him out, so we didn't get a chance to conduct the tests."

It seems there was some threat to his life as the doctors only allowed Ankit's family to leave the hospital after they signed 'discharge on risk bond'.

After arriving at Nightingale Hospital on Sunday, a CT scan showed that the patient was in critical condition and he was therefore rushed to the ICU. His condition began to deteriorate rapidly at the hospital, before eventually succumbing to a cardiac arrest.

But, Ankit's father does not understand as to why his condition worsened in such a scale as he was stable at AMRI.

"He was apparently stable at AMRI. If that is the case, then why did his condition suddenly deteriorate at Nightingale," said Raj Kumar.