Camila Cabello along with K-pop group TWICE
Camila Cabello along with K-pop group TWICETwitter/TWICE

Cuban singer Camila Cabello has revealed her obsession with K-pop girl group TWICE's latest song Candy Pop in an exclusive interview in Japan. She said she and her team members just can't stop singing the song and now, she even calls her mom Candy Pop.

"Their song is stuck in my head the entire day. Like literally," the singer said. 

The interview took place after the Havana singer met the K-pop sensation behind the stage of Music Station, one of the biggest music shows in Japan. The stars were called to perform for the show and to promote their new songs in Japanese.

The Likey singers did not let go of this wonderful opportunity with the star and clicked many pictures with her. Cabello, in one of the pictures, posed with TWICE's signature TT(TWICE's song) sign along with the members and they all looked amazing in one frame.

On February 22, TWICE had posted the picture with Cabello doing the TT pose on their official social media accounts fascinating fans from all over the world.

"OMG QUEENS ARE GATHERED TOGETHER!!!!.," said a user named ERn.

"OMG OMG THE GODDESSES IN OME!! I must be dreaming!! omg i cant! Just like TT, " another user Tuki Tran commented.

Some fans also speculated that the duo will make a collaboration soon, while some simply suggested it by asking them to do a project together.

Meanwhile, Cabello took to Twitter to thank her Japanese fans for their huge support and also expressed her love for the country. The 20-year-old singer mentioned in her post about coming back soon suggesting another trip to the country again.

"Thank you to all my Japanese camilizers for showing me so much love. I had the best time here and I have so much respect and love for this country-thank you for having me. I'll miss you and can't wait to come back soon- I love you," Cabello said.

Check out Camila Cabello's interview in Japan below: