Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris and Halsey exchanged a series of tweets.Reuters

Calvin Harris is one the best DJs in the world and Halsey's vocals are impressive. So it wouldn't be altogether surprising if they collaborate. In fact, fans want them to get together and produce a hit. But just why did the Scottish DJs fans make such a passionate plea? 

Well, it has something to do with a series of recent tweets between Harris and Halsey. Fans of the two wondered if they are flirting after Halsey tweeted that she adores the DJ's vocals, something that's rarely heard.

If you're a fan of Taylor Swift's ex, you would know that she's referring to his single, My Way, which released on October 27. 

Halsey wrote on her Twitter account, "Honestly @CalvinHarris singing voice makes me feel warm inside." The 32-year-old DJ responded with an equally sweet reply. He used the prayer hands emoji and called her a sweetheart.

This exchange led to a series of passionate pleas from fans who wanted them to collaborate not just for one song, but for a whole album. 

Harris' collaborations have produced chart topping hits. In 2013, the DJ's song "I Need Your Love" featured Ellie Goulding's vocals. The single was ranked #4 on UK singles chart and was nominated for British Single of the Year at BRIT awards.

So far, Harris and Halsey haven't stated that they would collaborate on a single, but if they did, it would be every fan's dream come true.

Meanwhile, the Scottish DJ has been promoting his new track, My Way, the music video for which will be released at 8 am PST on Friday, October 28.