Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris think Taylor Swift delivered a wonderful performance of his hit song, This is What You Came For.Reuters

Taylor Swift hadn't held a concert for a year and when she finally did, the 26-year-old singer sang her ex, Calvin Harris' track, This is What You Came For. The song, which includes Rihanna's vocals, was earlier a point of contention between the two and one couldn't help but wonder if Harris was fuming after Swift's performance.

According to a source though, Harris is anything but angry at Swift. He loved it and thinks that she "knocked it out of the park."

Swift, who co-wrote the song under a pseudonym, told fans at Circuit of the Americas race track concert in Austin, Texas, on Saturday, "I've never played this song live before. But if you know it, maybe you could sing along, and then I could get to know what that feels like to hear it sung back to me." The singer sat at her piano and went on to surprise her 80,000 fans by singing Harris' song. 

The Scottish DJ's dance track earlier led to a blown out fight between the two. Swift's camp claimed that she wrote the song and Harris hit back with a tweet saying he was hurt and explained that Swift wasn't credited because she wished to remain anonymous.

However, Swift's name now appears as one of the writers of This is What You Came For. And according to a Hollywood Life report, Harris will continue to play it at his concerts irrespective of his feelings for his ex.

Swift and Harris dated each other for a year and ended their relationship in June 2016.

Taylor Swift and Calvin HArris
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