Ahead of the assembly polls in Punjab and the remaining phase of Uttar Pradesh polls, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has issued a video statement in which he said that he was called 'Maun Mohan' then but now the country remembers the good work done by him. He appealed to the voters of Punjab, UP and Manipur to vote for the Congress.

Manmohan Singh said, "I am satisfied that I was called 'Maun Mohan', and false allegation of corruption was levelled against the government but the nation remembers my good work and the BJP has been exposed."

Dr Manmohan Singh
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He alleged that due to the wrong policy of the government, people are suffering from inflation, unemployment and in the past 7.5 years, the government is not accepting its failures but blaming the first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

The former Prime Minister is recovering from post Covid complications and could not address any rally or press conference in Punjab. He said that there is a gracefulness of the Prime Ministerial post and blaming history will not lessen the crimes of the present government. He said the Congress never politicized anything for political gains and in adverse situation never let down the country at international level.

Manmohan Singh
Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.Reuters file

The former Prime Minister defended Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi and said that the BJP is trying to defame him in the name of security. Similarly, the farmers were also demonised.

The Congress had announced Charanjit Singh Channi's name as the Chief Minister's face just weeks ahead of the assembly polls.