Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gets a new team based One Shot mode.Call of Duty Community

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players who like to play as snipers will be thrilled to find a new addition -- One Shot mode from developer Sledgehammer Games.

This team based game mode will enable players to grab some double XP on all the platforms. Players will get bolt-action railgun rifle MORS, but they will not have any secondary weapon and there will not be decreased health.

The game mode has five specific classes and each of these classes are custom designed and will involve different types of perks, Scorestreaks, and Exo abilities. Players will have some amount of customisation options. The five classes are Hard Scope, Zoomed, 4X, Ace and Irons, said a post on the official Sledgehammer blog.

Players can pair with up to five of their friends and take the One Shot mode in Advanced Warfare.

The Double XP weekend will be running till 9 am PST, 29 December 2014. One Shot mode marks the second new feature that the developer has added to the multiplayer mode of the game. It had added daily challenges, which allow players to earn supply drops. The drops might include some random loot and new KVA Recon gear set, Cinema Blend reported.

Advanced Warfare players will be getting Havoc DLC in January 2015. This DLC will also be featuring Exo-Zombies DLC, which will be a co-operative campaign.

Meanwhile, Sledgehammer has released a live action trailer that stars Chris Evans in the lead. The trailer shows Evans being followed by a group of Chinese soldiers with Evans fighting them with a Stinger missile launcher. This free-to-play shooter is not available outside China. It also supports micro-transactions, which are country specific.

(YouTube Courtesy: Bain Williams)