Delhi police on Tuesday have charged four men for raping a call centre employee at a factory located in South Delhi district.

Two of the accused, Suraj and Deepu have been arrested, while the other two are absconding. The victim, whose identity is undisclosed, revealed to the police that she was gang raped in an abandoned factory in Badarpur on Sunday.

According to the Times of India, the 24-year old woman came to south Delhi after getting a job at a call centre while husband stayed back in Bawana, a northwest district of the capital.

During her stay there, the victim met Suraj, one of the accused, who convinced her about another job with a good pay packet.  

"He apparently flaunted his connections and told her he knew many senior officials in call centres in Mohan Co-operative Industrial Area. He told her that she was getting paid very less and he would help her double her salary. Lured by better career prospects, the woman got trapped," a source in Delhi Police said according to the publication.

The woman was then told that the interview would be conducted in a factory. Around afternoon, Suraj accompanied her to the deserted spot where the other three co-conspirators were waiting. One after the other, the four men raped the woman and shot threats at her if she dared raise a complaint against them.

Soon after, the victim made her way to Bawana and informed her husband about the incident. Too scared to act upon the incident, the couple kept mum until Tuesday, then they filed an FIR with the police who are now on the lookout for two of the accused.

The incident struck several similarities to another rape case which involved a 22-year-old woman who was raped by two men for several days during the time she was held hostage. The victim in this case was also lured by a friend into a fake job offer at Noida. The victim managed to escape from the accused duo and eventually filed a complaint with authorities.

Regarded as India's rape capital, Delhi is deemed an unsafe haven for women, with around 500 rape and molestation cases reported on an annual basis since 2009. According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Delhi city accounts for 23 percent of Rape cases and 16.5 percent of Molestation cases among 35 Indian cities.