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Sundeep Kishan's latest movie, which released today, November 10, in Telugu as C/O Surya and Tamil as Nenjil Thunivirundhal (Nenjil Thunivirundhaal) has received positive reviews and ratings from the audience.

C/O Surya is a bilingual action drama, simultaneously shot in Tamil (Nenjil Thunivirundhal - English: If You Dare) and Telugu. Suseenthiran has written and directed the film while Antony produced under the banner Annai Film Factories.

C/O Surya/Nenjil Thunivirundhal story: Sundeep Kishan and Vikranth are close friends, but they fall apart due to misunderstandings. The twist in the tale is that a small incident makes Vikranth fall in the crosshairs of a deadly contract killer (Harish Uthaman) leaving his family in danger. How Sundeep saves his friend and his family forms the crux of the movie.

Analysis: The audience say C/O Surya has a routine story, but it's racy and thrilling screenplay makes it an engaging watch. The first half of the film deals with a simple family story, but the thread of contract killing gang makes it exciting. The second half is thrilling with some suspense elements. Some viewers feel that the flick has some resemblances to Suseenthiran's Na Peru Shiva.

Performance: Sundeep Kishan and Harish Uthaman have delivered brilliant performances, which are the highlights of the film. Mehreen Pirzada is good in her role. Vikranth, Soori (Tamil), Thagubothu Ramesh (Telugu), Appukutty, T. Siva, Thulasi, Dhileepan, Aruldoss, Vinoth Kishan and Harish Siva have done justice to their characters, say the viewers.

Technical: C/O Surya and Nenjil Thunivirundhal have rich production values. Stylish action choreography, brilliant camera work and background score are the attractions on the technical front. But the movie doesn't have enough songs and comedy quotient, say the filmgoers.

We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here are the live updates on C/O Surya/Nenjil Thunivirundhal movie review and rating by audience:

Jalapathy Gudelli‏ @JalapathyG

#CareofSurya: A template crime thriller that has couple of engaging portions in the 2nd half. First half of the movie is quite routine. Sundeep Kishan as boy-next-door impresses us. Vikranth & Harish Uthaman are equally good. Average fare.

Rajesh‏ @rajeshtweets11

1st completed nice not at reveled any twists waiting for 2nd half story is going very interesting @sundeepkishan #CareOfSurya Movie completed an unexpected twist in 2nd half nice interesting triller and good message on education system, middle class life and friendship.. overall villan & and his voice was terrific.. @sundeepkishan different attempt and nice acting.. #CareOfSurya

Sreedhar Pillai‏ @sri50

#NenjilThunivirundhal 3/5. A typical @dir_susee template thriller film on friendship and middle class values and social issues. It works to a certain extent due to its casting @sundeepkishan is riveting, #Vikranth is good , @harishuthaman as the bad guy is terrific. #NenjilThunivirundhal 3/5. The screenplay could have been tighter with less loopholes in the narrative, but makes up with a stunning twist in the climax. The running time (2 hrs & 9 minutes) and Soori's comedy are pluses.

Thyview‏ @Thyview

#CareOfSurya starts off slow,picks pace at pre-interval,nice interval and a very good 2nd half #thyview rating 3 outta 4 #SundeepKishan #Suseenthiran succeeded in keeping 2nd half engaging,twist reveal is good,some parts could have been better. Still the movie is a good watch Like always @sundeepkishan stayed true to his character and performed well. He looks fresh in the film , which is good #CareOfSurya @Mehreenpirzada looks cute and the montage song between her and @sundeepkishan is just a treat to watch. #CareOfSurya Overall, if you are looking for a film with some fun elements, a good suspense to watch this weekend #CareOfSurya is for you...Go for it

ChristopherKanagaraj‏ @Chrissuccess

#NenjilThunivirundhal - Outdated scenes & boring comedy fills first half. Film picks up post interval. Gud perf from Sundeep, Vikranth & Harish Uthaman. Namesake heroine. Nice BGM, but poor songs from Imman. Night time Action scenes r too good Very Avg 1st hlf & Gud 2nd half! OK.

Rajasekar @sekartweets

#NenjilThunivirunthal - signature @dir_susee film with #NaanMahaanAlla #PandiyaNaadu flavors. @sundeepkishan shines

sridevi sreedhar @sridevisreedhar

#NenjilThunivirunthal Packed with some smart surprises and shrewd twists An entertaining film recommended for weekend watch! i@dir_susee @sundeepkishan #vikranth @immancomposer

Manigandan K R‏ @cineobserver

#NenjilThunivirunthal is yet another good, solid film from @dir_susee @harishuthaman @sundeepkishan and @vikranth_offl impress!! The second half is racy and gripping.

Ramesh Bala @rameshlaus

Nenjil Thunivirundhal : A racy and crisp thriller entertainer.. After #Maanagaram , @sundeepkishan has aced it in a good role.. @vikranth_offl has a significant role.. @dir_susee has delivered another #NaanMahaanAlla genre movie..

Ruthvik Rao‏ @Ruthvik_Rao

#CareofSurya - Avg 1st Half, Good 2nd half, Writing Resembles Na Peru Shiva. One Time Watch For Sure. 3.25/5

BoxOfficeUpdates‏ @WeekendMasthi

#CareOfSurya: Despite the predictability, this tale of friendship, betrayals and revenge is worth a watch 3/5 @sundeepkishan @Mehreenpirzada

Nenjil Thunivirundhal
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Dega Babaaa‏ @BabaaaDega

A decent must watch movie #CareOfSurya, @sundeepkishan acting chinchesadu just nailed it and @Mehreenpirzada role so so undi kaani she did well... brilliantly directed by susinthran...don't miss it

Prudhvi‏ @PrudhviTweetz

Watching #CareOfSurya First half done so far it's just okay fare

Movies Dabba‏ @moviedabba

#CareofSurya Good movie to watch !! -Good First Half -Very Good Second Half Congrats @sundeepkishan bro.. Ur Acting is Really Good

SKETC H‏ @24amPulikesi

#NenjilThunivirundhal is one of the best made movie must watch movie after #PandiyaNaadu it is entertaining movie as well critically good with stuning action 4/5

ராஜ்வேல்‏ @raj0034vel

#NenjilThunivirundhal first half mokka,towards interval gave some hope for engaging second half, otherwise disaster ,waiting

Arya Ajay ‏ @AryaAjay8121

#SuperHitCareOfSurya @sundeepkishan @Mehreenpirzada Friend Gurinchi Chepe dailgue lo theater Lo Mamulu Response raledhu boss.. 1st Half completed undhi expected Twist loved First Half #CareOfSurya

Manoj‏ @manojvalluri

#CareOfSurya As usual @sundeepkishan performance, Cinematography, Second half, @immancomposer BG score, @harishuthaman action.

Anil Sunkara‏ @AnilSunkara1

Enjoyed watching #CareOfSurya , a very good movie with gripping narration and performances. Congrats @sundeepkishan Go nd watch guys.

Srinivas...‏ @Ellandula07

Bro @sundeepkishan #CareOfSurya is superb. U were brilliant and I wish u continue this winning streak. Happy for u.. U deserved this success.

Kiran‏ @kiran_dc

#CareOfSurya watched morning show..very good movie @sundeepkishan @dir_susee #careofsurya passable first half and good second half..@sundeepkishan acting is too good @Mehreenpirzada is cute Movie is crisp due to less runtime.. definitely movie to watch for this weekend.shades of Naaperushiva.Thumsup #careofsurya @dir_susee @sundeepkishan @Mehreenpirzada

Deepak‏ @KodelaDeepak

#CareOfSurya is a Decent Crime Thriller with Gripping Screen Play and Interesting Mind games. Liked it. @harishuthaman steals the show.

Arvind Reddy‏ @Areddy207

Wow...wat a muv Superb performance by @sundeepkishan and there always msg in @dir_susee Muv loved it... @Mehreenpirzada @immancomposer #CareofSurya

Fukkard‏ @Fukkard

#CareofSurya Suseenthiran engaging screenplay Sundeep kishan and others terrific performances makes it a worth watch. @dir_susee mark crime drama camera,bgm Congrats team @sundeepkishan scores a hit

PSPK25‏ @Vikaskannaaa

Below avg 1st half interval episode is good Slow&boring #CareOfSurya Bad 2nd half Weak story and screenplay Overall flop movie #CareOfSurya

A‏ @Ajaymohan33

#CareOfSurya A good take on friendship,greed for money nd corrupt minds. @sundeepkishan acting,screenplay nd bgm A good watch fr d weekend