As clean oceans become a priority, the emerging startups and tech companies are undertaking cleantech solutions – Europe, in particular, being the epicenter. For instance, by designing and developing industrial autonomous surface vessels (ASVs) like WasteShark, Netherlands-based RanMarine helps in clearing plastics, bio-waste, and other debris from ports & harbors (waterways).

The products designed by RanMarine can be used either manually via an onshore operator, or autonomously with online control and access, where WasteShark, one of its products, is capable of cleaning 500 kg debris per day without leaving any carbon footprints.

Zero Carbon footprints – Healthier marine sector

This green shift by tech startups is leading to strong value creation within the local paradigm, helping oceans go both digital and cleantech. However, innovative ideas like that of Ranmarine, have only become a reality due to a recent surge in VCs, Angel Investors, among others—one of which has been Luxembourg-based investment fund, Boundary Holding that invests in global AI technology-driven startups.

The investment fund founded by RajatKhare has previously ventured into various facets of drone technology & investigative analytics solution, nevertheless, its recent funding is aimed at fostering the growth of green solutions to the complex problems associated with keeping the water bodies clean and carbon neutral.

Finding sustainable solutions

The collaboration led to a crucial development after RajatKhare met the founder of the Dutch Cleantechstartup – RanMarine, Richard Hardiman. While speaking on the occasion, RajatKhare said that the past progress of the company impressed him the most, and technologies like Cleantech&Medtech would attract more investments from Boundary Holding in the future.

Since waste in international waters is nobody's direct responsibility, the world has been looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable solution – to clean and maintain water health. Thus, it would be safe to assume that such investments can help innovative ideas find their niche in the ever-growing market. ASVs designed by RanMarine help in round-the-clock monitoring and cleaning from waterways. The machine can clean over 500 kg debris per day with 10 hours swim time, 5 km range, and a 15-year-long lifetime.

For the investor RajatKhare, positive social return matters, however, his company's main emphasis would be to realize financial gains from such investments in the future.

As mankind continues to evolve exponentially, impacting the environment, Cleantech innovation and the green economy are being considered critically important, especially in the maritime sector. Moreover, high-octane awareness campaigns & programs by the environmentalists would force the world to use cleaner, more inclusive shipping mechanisms, making Cleantech the best possible solution in the market and investors need to assist companies to accomplish such tasks.