'Achhe din aane waale hain' (Good days are coming) was the BJP's slogan when it fielded Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate during the 2014 general elections that the party won by a landslide. However, a section of the society is not convinced that the government has been able to deliver the promises made during the poll campaigns.

Netizens have once again taken to Twitter to express their concerns about the governance in India, and not just that, they have pointed out the "failed" promises of the Modi government with a hashtag, #BureDinAccheThey.

Twitterati have raised some major issues to express their disappointment at the ruling party and Modi. They have slammed the government for the lynching of a Muslim man in Dadri over rumours that he slaughtered a calf and ate beef, the Himachal Pradesh attack, the Manipur riot and the assault of an Australian youth in Bengaluru.

Frequent attacks on writers, black money issue and Modi's failed promise to bring all the money back to India, and a sharp rise in prices of pulses are some of the other factors that have upset the Twitterati.

They not just slammed Modi for his failures at delivering many of his promises and the increasing religious intolerance in the society, but also for his frequent trips to foreign nations. Modi has made 29 prime ministerial trips since he assumed office in May last year.

Below are some tweets that express their disappointment at the Modi-led government's failure to deliver his promises of acche din.

Black money k badle black ink
 Vikas k badle vinaash
 Corruption,Balatkar,Mahangai kuch nahi badla
 bus jumle ab b jaari hain #BureDinAccheThey â€” Kadva Truth 

Achhe din for Feku who's doing world tour as if no tomorrow,khaaki half chaadis r fearless in spreading terror & hatred! #BureDinAccheThey â€” Md Shahil 

It took 7-8 years for us to realize Congress was not doing good Job, but it took just 1 years to realize bad BJP gov #BureDinAccheThey â€” Khwaja Aamer

Two children in a Dalit family were burnt alive in Faridabad. Shocking! Every day we are getting terrible news! #BureDinAccheThey â€” Muhammad Iqbal

Economy down,jobs down ,exports down, Rupee weaking, high inflation, sky rocket dal price #BureDinAccheThey â€” Babbu Bhullar

The #Achedin come only for those who speak hatred There is no place for rationalist, authors, students #FTII #BureDinAccheThey â€” Khwaja Aamer