Bumble launches new feature
Bumble launches new featureBumble

As the world observes Safer Internet Day on Feb 6, Bumble marked the day with the launch of Deception Detector, its newest feature, to promote relationships that are genuine and safe. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deception Detector ensures a safer user experience by identifying and addressing spam, scams, and fake profiles beforehand. Within the first two months of going live, Bumble saw a 45% drop in member reports related to spam, scams, and fraudulent accounts.

Bumble conducted research and found that respondents from all over the world consistently cited the possibility of scams and phony profiles as their top concerns when it came to online dating. Specifically in India, 29% of respondents expressed worries about protecting personal information and the possibility of becoming a scam victim. These fears frequently prevent people from making deep connections that could have a positive influence on their lives.

Using a fast and accurate machine learning-based model, Deception Detector assesses the validity of connections and profiles on all of Bumble Inc.'s platforms. Deception Detector automatically blocked 95% of detected spam and scam profiles, according to the company. This new technology, which is powered by automation and artificial intelligence, is supported by human support to add a human element and support community.


"In light of the evolving online landscape, there's a growing emphasis on authenticity. Bumble Inc. was founded with the mission of cultivating equitable relationships and empowering women to take the lead, and Deception Detector exemplifies our ongoing dedication to fostering genuine connections within our community," Bumble's CEO, Lidiane Jones, said.

In the past, Bumble has rolled out many AI features, like Private Detector, an AI-powered tool that can recognize and blur explicit images, and also led the way in using AI for photo verification. Most recently, Bumble debuted Bumble For Friends, an AI-generated conversation starter tool to promote meaningful interactions, and Best Bees, an AI algorithm that improves content curation for members.