New Delhi, Dec 17 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Stock Exchange today closed 94.60 points down to stand at 26,686.84. At the National Stock Exchange the Nifty closed 44.90 points down to stand at 8,022.70. ABAN and GREAT EASTERN SHIPPING CO.LTD. were among the top gainers of Group A with an increase of 6.07% and 6.01% along with RURAL ELECTRIFICATION CORPORATION LTD. and TORRENT POWER LTD. with an increase of 5.41% and 4.69% respectively, while the top losers of Group A include WOCKHARDT LTD. and PMCFIN with a decrease 10.45% and 10.00% along with BF UTILITIES LTD. and POLARIS with a decrease of 9.66% and 8.02% at the close of the markets. The Auto sector is down 304.97 points at 17,999.93 while the banking sector is up 42.17 points at 20,478.05 and the reality sector is down 23.17 points at 1,475.07. The Indian currency is up 0.16% at Rs 63.63 per dollar.