Brussels airport
Brussels airportReuters File

Vikram Prabhu, Allari Naresh, Hema Malini, Khushbu Sunder, Samantha and other Indian celebs, who are shocked and saddened by the explosion at the Brussels airport, have offered prayers for victims of the blast.

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At least two explosions were reportedly heard at the Brussels airport Tuesday and hundreds of people were injured and over 30 were killed in the incident, according to the latest report. Brussels has reportedly been on terror alert since the attacks in Paris in November 2015. The incident comes days after the arrest of key Paris attack suspect Salah Abdeslam from the Molenbeek neighbourhood in Brussels.

Soon after the explosions, the photos showing smoke rising from the airport were shared on social media. Many Indian celebs were shocked to hear the news about the incident. Some took to their Twitter handles to condemn the heinous act and pay tribute to the victims. Here are some celebs' comments:

Vikram Prabhu: Omg it's happened again! #Brussels this time! Where is the end to this? Sick!!

Hema Malini: Another horror attack!Ths time it is Brussels. Whn are these meaningless actions going to stop?My heart goes out to the injured & the dead

Khushbu Sundar: How scared n weak these terrorists are..dey nvr hve d guts 2 face d world n d ppl..attack on a very quite Brussels is a sign of cowardness.. If attacking n killing the unassuming innocent ppl not a sign of weak n cowards,than what else can it be?

Samantha Ruth Prabhu: It's almost foolish to dream about a future anymore . One day at a time seems to be a befitting goal. #brusselsattack

Taapsee Pannu: Now #Brussels explosion..... Time to really live like there is no tomorrow.

Sajid Khan: Saddened by the horrible terror attacks killing innocent heart's prayers go out to the families of the victims #Brussels

Nikki Galrani: #Brussels: Anyone affected or concerned about family and friends can contact the @foreignoffice helpline on +44 207 008 0000 Plz share My prayers go out to all the people injured or affected at the #BrusselsAttack #StayStrong

Rahul Ravindran: These attacks on Europe are like an acid scar on an impossibly beautiful face. Leave the last heaven on earth alone!

Sophie Choudry: Absolutely horrific news about the attacks in #Brussels ..My heartfelt prayers for all those affected. We must all unite against terror!

Farah Khan Ali: Sic dastardly terrorist attack in Brussels today. My condolences to the family who lost their loved ones. Brussels stay strong. Prayers

Tanishaa Mukerji: This is frightening. What the hell is going on with our world!

Viranica Manchu: Praying for the victims and families of #Brussels attack.

Allari Naresh: Terrible to keep hearing & seeing such barbaric acts.This time Brussel airport-one we've all been to often.My prayers are with the affected.

Rohit Ravindran: Horrible to see what's going on in Brussels! R.I.P. too all those who died in the Brussels terror attacks. God help the world in the direction it's headed. Why? Why do people have to die? Wat is terrorism going to solve?