The online version of Oxford dictionary,, has added 1,000 new words to its database as of 27 August, which includes unlikely words like "hangry", "Grexit", "manspreading" and "Bruh".

"Manspreading" is when a man sits on a public transport with his legs spread wide apart, not allowing other passengers to sit in the adjacent seats. This is among the new words that found a place in the dictionary along with "hangry", which means being irritated due to hunger, and "pocket dial", which is making a call to someone by accidentally applying pressure on it.

New-age words like "weak sauce", "awesome sauce", "brain fart" and "bants"  have also been added.

Fiona McPherson, senior editor of Oxford Dictionaries, says, "We are bombarded with more and more avenues where those sort of words are used and we just think that there are more of them. I don't necessarily think that's the case. From my point of view as a lexicographer, it's not really about dumbing down, it's more creative ways that people are using language."

A couple of months ago, on 25 June, the dictionary had added predominantly Indian words like "Arre", "Yaar", "Churidhar" and "Bhelpuri" along with "cisgender" -- which refers to people who identify to the same gender they were born as.