Director Srinu Vaitla's Telugu movie "Bruce Lee - The Fighter" (BLTF) starring Ram Charan Teja and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles has got mixed reviews from the audiences in the premiere shows held on Thursday night.

Bruce Lee: Pre-Release Business | Box Office Prediction

"Bruce Lee - The Fighter" is an action film that has good dose of romance, comedy and family drama too. The movie has a routine story that is predictable in parts. The first half of the film is very engaging and entertaining, but the second half is a big let down, say the audiences.

The movie revolves around the story of a martial arts fighter who is popular as Bruce Lee. Ram Charan Teja plays the fighter, while Rakul Preet Singh appears as his love interest. Ram's electrifying performance, Rakul's glamour and their amazing chemistry are the big attractions of the film. The comedy timing of Brahmanandam, who appears as Susuki Subramanyam alias Peter alias Pakodi, and Chiranjeevi's guest appearances are other highlights of the movie, according to audience.

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Kona Venkat and Gopimohan have written the script and dialogues for the film, while Srinu Vaitla penned the screenplay.

Made on a budget of Rs 37 crore, "Bruce Lee - The Fighter" has brilliant production values and S Thaman's songs and background score are the main attractions in the technical front. Manoj Paramahamsa's amazing picturisation, well choreographed action and dance, beautiful locales and punch dialogues are other attractions of the movie, say the audiences.

Some views are sharing their verdict on the film on their Twitter pages. We bring you some unique comments. Stay locked to this space to read the live update of "Bruce Lee - The Fighter" movie review by audience:

Soma Sekhar ‏@Tollywood_King

#BruceLee: 1st half is avg with good songs. Except Chiru presence nothing is there in 2nd half. BGM & Photography is good. Below Avg movie..

Sriram Varma ‏@sriramForU

1st half done... Good so far Photography, dances and few funny scenes Charan better ayyadu.. Arun Vijay bavunnadu.. Dialogues bavunnai, Thaman BGMs good, Kriti karbanda character far better than heroine Rakul #BruceLee completed.. . Regular Telugu family commercial movie With enough mass elements Hit cinema.... No blockbuster and non-bahubali But one fact, Megastar looks ultimate aa four minutes kosam diehard fans repeats vestaru... Eagerly waiting for #Chiru150

aHf ‏@adhyayam

Interval. Above average 1st half. Family scenes and songs are huge plus so far.Villain track weak #BruceLee Above avg 1st half and bad 2nd half. Below Avg on a whole. #BruceLee Almost nothing is in second half, Except for Chiru episode which is a feast for fans #BruceLee Charan excelled in Dances and Fights.Undoubtedly his best performance so far. #BruceLee

Abhïshēk4U ‏@abhishekreddyR

Aveg 1st half and bad 2nd half.Only highlight in 2nd half is Chiru's 5 mins role.Just super.#BruceLee

Venkyreviews ‏@venkyreviews

#BruceLeeTheFighter #BruceLee Decent 1st half... Ram Charan's dances and @MusicThaman BGM are very good...Need a big 2nd half now #BruceLeeTheFighter #BruceLee 2nd half not good...Megastar's Cameo saves the 2nd half...Below average movie. Don't believe fake reviews

Shruthi HDL ‏@UrsShruthi

Excellent 1st half Megastar Chiru Cameo should help the Film to do well at the #Boxoffice #BruceLee #Above60Cr #MegaPoweStar Ram Charan Registered Blockbuster Hit with #BruceLee..1st half - Excellent 2nd Half - Good Rating - (3.5/5)

Rajju Says ‏@rajinesh_rao

#Brucelee Avg stuff with excellent chiru cameo .... Bemmi comedy peddaga workout avvaledu #Brucelee very weak on story ...strong on dances nd mannerisms #Brucelee 1st Half oka story ayite 2nd half complete different story there lies the main problem

Srinivas Punith ‏@punith_sp

#BruceleeTheFighter - Brucelee 1st half Baadsha and 2nd half Aagadu , same mafia story ...... No content in film .... my review 2/5 #BTF #BruceleeTheFighter #Brucelee- 1st half Baadsha and 2nd half Aagadu , same mafia story ...... No content in film .... my review 2/5

Naresh babu ‏@jasti999naresh

Done watching #Brucelee,regular #sreenu vytla stuff, 2.75/5

♫CHANDU ♪ ‏@channdu

#BruceLeeTheFighter Done! An average fare overall.. 2nd half is the spoil spot. A routine mass flick. Vaitla does well in the 1st half, but failed to maintain the tempo after interval. Megastar's scene was the only saviour in that. Don't expect a Sreenu vaitla mark comedy. It might end up with good numbers at box office. Personally, I'm not a fanatic for this kind of films.

CultFan ‏@filmyfr30309707

Forced comedy, routine sentiment scenes tho muginchesaru first half #BruceleeTheFighter Problem vaitla tho kaadhu, kona and gopi routine story n dialogues #BruceLeeTheFighter Ali PK comedy yuck thooooo #BruceLeeTheFighter #BruceLeeTheFighter is another routine film frm Vaitla n gang. Rakul's glamour, songs and Chiru's cameo are the only plus. Irritating comedy

Varakala_Rameshbabu ‏@varakalaramesh

BLOCKBUSTER 1st half, Charan comedy timing, dances racha maxxxx, family sentiment scenes too good. #BruceLeeTheFighter Hittu cinema Ok first half n entertaining 2nd half. Charan acting better Dance in all songs Just loved dance in Ria song ❤

Raviteja ‏@witty_ravi

#BruceLeeTheFighter first has decent pace with routine storyline. Deeniki malli Story, Original story ani separate credits! #BaboyVytla #Dookudu, #Aagadu and now #BruceLeeTheFighter - all have same template to show the title and hero intro. #FirstHalf just okay.

Sudheer Krishna R ‏@SudheerKrishnaR

#BruceLee - 5 scintillating songs, good first half and bearable 2nd half makes it an Avg fare. Expecting 45+ lacs Mpl and 55cr+ Overall.

The Tollywood Movie ‏@dtollywoodmovie

#BruceLeeTheFighter 1st half usual ga undi #Brucelee 2nd half highlights Brucelee song and Megastar presence.

AVAD ‏@avadsays

@arunvijayno1 looks stylish and menacing. makes a striking debut with #brucelee. he has a bright future if he is cast in good roles. For me @MusicThaman is the undisputed hero of #BruceLee He given superb songs and a striking BGM..His work sounds well on big screen

Laxman Anishetty ‏@laxman_219

First half parledu bagane undi #BruceLeeTheFighter 2nd half sodhi comedy/drama tho vaitla nakinchadu..Chiru 5 mins matram arachakam..Over all ga ok movie..BO 60c+ avuddi kavachu #Brucelee

Raghava ‏@Rags_aCreator

For me..#BruceLee was the @Rakulpreet's Career Best Screen Presence. Her Cuteness, Glamour, Styling, Skin Show & Acting will mesmerizes U.

iQlik Movies ‏@iqlikmovies

#BruceLee Interval. Engaging 1st half #RamCharan @Rakulpreet #JP #ArunVijay #Sampath performance key highlight. Moving on to 2nd Half. The much awaited moment Megastar #Chiru Entry - Speechless! The Big Boss is Back! #MegaFans enjoying to the core #ChiruMania #BruceLee Megastar just STEALS THE SHOW like a BOSS! Resounding! Nijamga Time gap, Timing lo kadhu. #BruceLeeTheFighter - Mega Commercial Entertainer!

South Indian ‏@RamSouthIndian

#BruceLeeTheFighter Review 1st Half : Plot not unveiled so far, RCT Show all the way, Rakul is Gorgeous, Racy screenplay. GOOD till now. #BruceLeeTheFighter Review : Good comedy too, #Ali in as Amir in PK Parody, #Brahmi and #Posani a rare combo in here with giggles. #BruceLeeTheFighter Review : Good comedy too, #Ali in as Amir in PK Parody, #Brahmi and #Posani a rare combo in here with giggles.

Raj C M ‏@RcMullapudi

As usual #megafans hype for benefit shows OK first half...oka song lo dance oka fught tappa rest anta routine amma #BruceLeeTheFighter #BruceLeeTheFighter 2nd halff usshhhh biscuit same confusion mafia drama..except chiru entry in climax literally nothing...#avg stuff #BruceLeeTheFighter Originalstory annapude expect cheyalsini as it is untadi ani same old sreenu vaitla type mve #Strictlyavg

Superstar Fan ‏@Raj_4Prince Chiru cameo.. Idi ipativaraku naku kanapadinavi #BruceLeeTheFighter 1st half Baadshah range 2nd half aagadu #BLTF

RanjanVishnuB ‏@RVB_RVB

#bruceleethefighter Acting -Ram 1 half diffrnt 2half routine. Arun is wstd, rakul is as usual. Cmdy--Nthing New Emotions--Gud #bruceleethefighter Chiru body language evn in action episope no match no wrds Dop--Very Good Final --W/o chiru avg with chiru above avg

Nishanth ‏@NishanthMunjala

First half done #BruceLeeTheFighter good story...#Ramcharan dances like a dream..sentiment seems too good #BossIsBack

Movie Talkies ‏@MovieTakies

#BruceLeeTheFighter review : Just one word Mega star is back , #Ramcharn good in his action, @Rakulpreet made oomph factor in movie

Shanker ‏@NSViews

Good watchable commercial entertainer with good performances,charan career best performance #BruceLeeTheFighter -IndianCinemafan

NT vodi Fan ‏@KRBS526

#BruceLeeTheFighter 2nd half kankara rod esi karra tho tippinatlundi anta.... Kankara - cheddy Rod - CHIru Karra - @SreenuVaitla

Deepak ‏@DeepakKodela

Friend Report: (as it is) 1st half ram charan dances comedy super 2nd half very confusing Climax mega star super Shud be like raccha i gues

Sai-Ramcharan ‏@sai2vts

Endi ee range lo kumesadu.. Best dancer in tfi #ramcharan #BruceLeeTheFighter Sv mark comedy scenes kumesayi ramcharan timing super Energy energy... Ultimate energy lead scene mega metery#ramcharan kumming #BruceLeeTheFighter Simple story with good sentiment and #ramcharan energetic performance.. Super first half #BruceLeeTheFighter

Sampesta ‏@samputha

Interval twist baavundi..manchi storyline.. 1st half 3.25/5 Above Average Charan improved very much in acting & diction #BruceLeeTheFighter #BruceLeeTheFighter is a below average film.. 2nd half is blunder.. #Megastar mantal..arupul..kekal.. Literal ga Chiru kosam wait chestu kurchunnam 2nd half motham..

RC Haters Ko Maaro ‏@GopiDcool

BLOCKBUSTER on d way...... 1st half done looking for next!!! @GopiDcool #RamCharan intro,few comedy scenes&BGM is ultimate 3/5 #BruceLeeTheFighter Interval Bang is very very good with top notch BGM #BruceLeeTheFighter

YATHI™ ‏@ursyathi

BLOCKBUSTER 1st half, Charan comedy timing, dances racha maxxxx, family sentiment scenes too good. #BruceLeeTheFighter 2nd half starts Posani, Bramhi comedy scenes baagunnai. #BruceLeeTheFighter #BruceLee title song B & C la lo poonakaale. #BruceLeeTheFighter

Aravind D ‏@Aravinddevan

#BruceLee The film was superb entertainer. @MusicThaman background score was top notch. Colourful and through entertainer. #Ramcharn

Pradeep ‏@trulypradeep

Liked @MusicThaman's RR in #BruceLeeTheFighter after Race Gurram... TERRIFIC... Especially for Chiranjeevi garu's part, another level..

Bharadhwaj ponnada ‏@ponnada_bharath

#BruceLee first half completed!! The movie was perfect blend so far.. Looking forward fr 2nd half.

Venks ‏@vm0026722

#BruceLeeTheFighter superb and catchy bgm for megastar entry... Theatre lo tsunami ne inka... Babu fans, pls retweet this...

Vihari ‏@Vihu818

Ok First Half #BruceLeeTheFighter Dances & fights Feast to Fans #BruceLeeTheFighter

Bharath ‏@bharath747

Superb 1st half..CHARAN BEST DANCER IN TFI #BruceLeeTheFighter

Cinema_pichodu ‏@devuduokkade

#BruceLeeTheFighter frst half ayindi #Baahubali coll ni left leg kodatham ika 100cr 5 days lo

Shekar ‏@ShekarNews

BGM Mamuluga Ledu Ga.... Top Notch Of Tollywood. #BruceLeeTheFighter

Manishi ‏@endhuku

First half is Kickass! Solid hit #BruceLee #BahrainPremiere Rakul calls RamCharan "Rajuuu" same as how Anushka calls in Khaleja. Same diction #BruceLeeTheFighter #BahrainPremiere  Megastar Chiranjeevi is on the big screen .. What an unbelievable screen presence .. Welcome back sir :)

Sudheer ‏@iSudheergoud

"Lot of people don't know that Ram Charan has a great sense of humor. His sense of humor and comedy timing is seen in #BruceLee"

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK 1m1 minute ago

#RamCharan just entered #BruceLeeTheFighter Premiere Show Riya song lo madhyalo Music ki #RamCharan Step Ultimate ka baap kummi dobbadu #BruceLeeTheFighter Thankyou #Megastar Horse Riding Shot G pagala makkiiiiii #BruceLeeTheFighter Idhi Chaluuuuuuuu #RamCharan Dances, Fights, Screen Presence Ultimate Its #RamCharan Show all the way. #BruceLeeTheFighter

Mahesh S Koneru ‏@smkoneru

#BruceLee started with special thanks to Megastar Chiranjeevi and Allu Aravind .. Cool intro titles

Abhi ‏@AbhinaiKrishna

Dance iragakummadu dialogues aadarakottadu aakada daaka ok dhaya chesi pics videos post cheyadhu atleast repu evng daaka plz #BruceLee

#SardaarGabbarSingh ‏@vv0954vishnu

Mukyam ga TG slang lo babu Kummings amta #BruceLeeTheFighter