Brown Eyed Girls singer Narsha will tie the knot in OctoberInstagram

Brown Eyed Girls star Park Hyo-jin, known by her stage name Narsha, recently announced her engagement to businessman boyfriend, and now she has introduced her fiancé to the world. Narsha took to Instagram to post a selfie of her with her husband-to-be.

In her Instagram post, Narsha revealed that they left for Seychelles for their wedding. "We fly off tonight. I kept tossing and turning around at night due to my uneasy heart, so I can't speak for the way we look. But with a heart filled with gratitude, we will have a good trip. I'll box up lots of pretty pretty moments. #husbandreveal," she posted along with the selfie.

Narsha will have a quiet wedding and will return to her country after a honeymoon, her agency Mystic Entertainment confirmed. After returning, the couple will hold a gathering for family and relatives.

"Narsha will tie the knot with the person she loves in October. Her husband-to-be is the same-age businessman that was revealed in reports earlier this year. After having a serious relationship based on trust they have decided to become husband and wife," Mystic Entertainment said in an official statement.

"Narsha will fly to Seychelles in early October and the couple will have a quiet wedding there and return after their honeymoon. We ask for your understanding in regards to being unable to provide a specific wedding date. After returning to Korea they will hold a gathering with their families and relatives and enjoy their happy and blessed start."

Check out the photo below: