Stephanie Beatriz Brooklyn Nine Nine
Brooklyn Nine cropped poster/ Facebook

She-Hulk is finally making her way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is set to debut on the small screen for Disney plus in the near future. Since the announcement, fans have had many actors in their mind to play as Jennifer Walters but one actor that particularly stands out is Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Stephanie Beatriz whose also been fancast for the role on the internet.  

Speaking to ET addressing the fancast for She-Hulk in Disney+ upcoming series, Beatriz was amazed to learn that fans considered her for the role and seemed enthusiastic to take on the persona for MCU.

"I would die to play that role," Beatriz revealed. "That is so flattering. That is one of the best characters in that universe."

The actress has already been working towards building her physique to suit the role just since learning that she would be a good candidate for the role.  

"I definitely have upped my workouts since reading some of those things," Beatriz explained. "But also, [I think it would] be really exciting for fans to see some of these characters that we kind of decided are one thing, to sort of be imagined in a different way."

She-Hulk/Marvel Studios

Fans have longed to see Jen appear on the big screen but due to Universal Studios having joint ownership over the character, that hasn't come to fruition. Similar to Ruffalo's Hulk failing to get his much deserved standalone film. 

Fortunately, the superhuman lawyer will get to see the light in coming years and perhaps, even the Hulk might make an appearance in the series.

The She-hulk series does not have a release date or any showrunners or talent attached to the project yet. But more announcements are expected to arrive as some of the other Marvel shows such as Loki, WandaVision, Hawkeye, What If?, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier have started progressing as well.