Brooklyn Nine Nine spoilers
Brooklyn Nine Nine spoilers.Facebook/ Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's resurrection will go down in the pages of history as the most epic save ever. The police sitcom was abruptly cancelled by Fox only to be picked up by NBC 31 hours later, following a social media campaign run by fans urging makers to bring back the show.

The lead cast – Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Crews, Joe Lo Truglio, Andre Braugher and Chelsea Peretti – are chirpy and ready to take on season 6 with renewed enthusiasm. Talking at the Television Critics Association summer tour, the creators revealed that they want to tackle issues that are sensitive but at the same ensure that they do not come across as callous jokes.

Samberg chimed in and said that there are a bunch of such topics that are worth looking into, but the team isn't going to proceed unless all aspects of said topics are represented in a way that it does justice to it.

There was a specific mention of the #MeToo movement that went viral last year and how the show will dedicate an episode entirely to that idea. Crews, who has experienced sexual assault, mentioned that handling the consequences of the incident became smooth because the cast members were helpful.

"One thing that influenced me was being here and feeling safe and having friends and family on this show that I felt secure enough that I could tell my truth and still go to work. And it made a difference," he further elaborated.

High points of the season

Rosa Diaz, who came out as a bisexual in season 5, will continue her search for love and also seek her mother's approval in her own weird way. Diaz is an extremely hard-to-read character and has had issues sticking to a "relationship" as it were. She almost got married to fellow detective Adrian Pemento, when she realised they weren't meant for each other.

NBC picked up the show, renewed it for 13 episodes only. It is being said that the cast will shoot for 3 finale scenarios, in case the channel decides to change their mind.

Raymond Holt almost announced if he had been appointed as NYPD's commissioner. That is one big reveal for premiere episode.

A lot is going to revolve around newly-married couple (unless there's a time jump) Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago. They married at the precinct, after their venue became a crime scene.

Season 6 will return early 2019.

Holt's married life may be in trouble.