Director Vivek Athreya's Telugu movie Brochevarevarura starring Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna Nivetha Pethuraj and Niveda Thomas has got positive review and rating from the audience.

Brochevarevarura movie story: Vishal (Sathya Dev) is an upcoming director who narrates a story to Shalu (Nivetha Pethuraj). This is the story of 'R3 batch' consisting of Rocky (Priyadarshi), Rambo (Rahul Ramakrishna) and Rahul (Sree Vishnu), who keep failing every year and are stuck with studying inter. The fictional story is connected to reality through Mithra (Nivetha Thomas).

Analysis: Brochevarevarura deals with a simple story that has good dose of comedy and crime elements. The first half is very entertaining with some fun moments and interesting twists. The second half is equally engaging. It is good entertainer that appeals to youth, say the audience.

Performances: Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna Nivetha Pethuraj and Niveda Thomas have delievered decent performances, which are the highlights of Brochevarevarura. Satyadev Kancharana, Sivaji Raja and others have done justice to their roles and they are also assets of the film, say the viewers.

Technical: Brochevarevarura has good production values and picturisation, background score and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the audience.

Brochevarevarura movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to read audience's response.

Christopher Kanagaraj‏ @Chrissuccess

#Brochevarevarura - A Simple Decent Comedy Entertainer with a fun packed Interesting screenplay. Very gud casting & characterization. Vivek Sagar's BGM is biggest plus. Interval twist is superb. No commercial compromises. Slight slow paced, climax could hv been better. Gud Watch!

Teja Sekhar Reddy‏ @SekharTeja

What a movie #Brochevarevarura this was & all the actors in the film were great and fun to watch. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of this film. @i_nivethathomas @sreevishnuoffl @ActorSatyaDev @eyrahul @priyadarshi_i

‏ @manojvalluri

#Brochevarevarura Hilarious first half. @sreevishnuoffl @eyrahul @priyadarshi_i comedy timing Fun filled with an interesting interval bang. @vishnuviv screenplay & Direction .@ActorSatyaDev #NivethaPethuraj characterizations

♓️arsha‏ @harshakaruturi

Superb 1st half !! Vivek Sagar #Brochevarevarura Kudos to the screenplay, just too good. Music and lead performances stand out. Must watch for all movie lovers out there #Brochevarevarura

Venkyreviews‏ @venkyreviews

#Brochevarevarura Hit cinema @sreevishnuoffl @priyadarshi_i @eyrahul were hilarious throughout the movie and it connects well! @vishnuviv does a good job with story and screenplay. Slow at times but never bores us! Go for it

Thyview‏ @Thyview

#Brochevarevarura Very Good 1st half. The R3 batch @sreevishnuoffl @priyadarshi_i @eyrahul are excellent. Comedy works Big time, especially the punches landed perfectly & #VivekSagar what a talent he is , BGM . @adityamusic @SureshProdns #BrochevarevaruraOnJune28 #Brochevarevarura Engaging and Entertaining. Vishnu, darsi, Satya , Rahul are too good .@i_nivethathomas your performance ,a class apart. Harshavardhan, Shivajiraja & bittirisatti are hilarious. #VivekAthreya excellent screenplay but it's the BGM of #VivekSagar..Thope

Sandeep reddy‏ @DSRDAGGULA

Just watched #Brochevarevarura. Absoulutely hilarious and original @i_nivethathomas @NivethaPethuFC

Black mole‏ @nallamole

1. #Brochevarevarura review! This is one real crazy movie. Don't miss this movie in theaters. Full funny and hilarious stuff. Super tired of laughing out loud in the theater. Vivek Athreya direction . Strong script and strong performances. 2. @sreevishnuoffl , @i_nivethathomas , #SatyaDev, #Rahul, @priyadarshi_i, @nivethaPethurai rocked their roles. Super satisfied with our recent low budget movies. #GameOver, #AgentAthreya & #Brochevarevarura . Rating: 4.25/5 Verdict: Best entertainer in recent times.

Mohan Ujwal‏ @MOHANUJWAL

Watched #Brochevarevarura and came out with a smile on the face, 'Goal' completed. Well written and beautifully executed. The trio worked out perfectly and @ActorSatyaDev is the trump card. @eyrahul @priyadarshi_i @vishnuviv @sreevishnuoffl @i_nivethathomas

Ashokk‏ @ashok_temp

Terrific 1st half.. Hilarious 2nd half...Climax could have been better.. Nevertheless, a well engaged movie. #Brochevarevarura

AkhilAneNenu‏ @akhil_maheshfan

#Brochevarevarura - slow but good..all did good..Bgm is very and time pass..friends tho maatlade bhutulu without censor pettesadu

The Vincible‏ @TheVincible

#Brochevarevarura is a scintillating and Rib-tickling comedy entertainer. Thoroughly Enjoyable. Sri Vishnu and Vivek Atreya deliver yet again after Mental Madhilo

Blockbuster Loading‏ @boxofficemazza

#Brochevarevarura 4/5 (A Roller coaster ride) @sreevishnuoffl bro - Your Script selection is always the Best among the current lot..Keeping the Box-office numbers aside, my Favourite Actor among the Youngsters in TFI @i_nivethathomas - Career Best Performance #NivethaPethuraj - Always chooses to be part of a Good Film which have some meaty role for her..Another Good Film for her after #MentalMadhilo and #Chitralahari ❤❤ Fantastic Performances from @ActorSatyaDev, @priyadarshi_i and @eyrahul @vishnuviv - Feel Good Director

FDFS Reviews‏ @FDFSReviews

Excellent first half with rib tickling comedy. Great performances by @i_nivethathomas @sreevishnuoffl @priyadarshi_i special mention to vivek sagar's BGM. #Brochevarevarura #Brochevarevarura was a great watch. Fantastic performances by whole cast. Brilliant screenplay and direction by Vivek Athreya. Dialogues are very natural and very well written. Sure shot winner. Rating: 3.25/5

Movies Box Office‏ @MovieBoxoffice5

#Brochevarevarura First Half Report Very Good First Half Positives : Hilarious Comedy Scenes, Interesting Plot, Interval Scene @sreevishnuoffl ,@priyadarshi_i & @eyrahul Steals the Show.. @i_nivethathomas is excellent role..


#Brochevarevarura First Half Report-Very Good First Half Positives: Hilarious Comedy Scenes Interesting Plot Interval All Three R's @sreevishnuoffl ,@priyadarshi_i & @eyrahul Steals the Show.. @i_nivethathomas is excellent in her role..

CineManiac‏ @sreekar08

#Brochevarevarura Overall bane undi......Nothing great about the movie though but timepass flick with regular kidnap drama...actors anta baga chesaru...baita boru kodite oka look eyyachu... 3/5

Aditya‏ @aadi_aadi7

@sreevishnuoffl what a performance. Laughed like anything @vishnuviv you did it again bro. Congrats to the whole team. Perfect entertainer.#brochevarevarura #bommablockbuster