A British father arrests German tourist for filming his young daughter
A British father arrests German tourist for filming his young daughter, even after repeatedly warning him not to.Creative Commons/ Natali Prosvetova

A British man has been arrested for beating a suspected paedophile to death in Spain after he was caught filming the man's young daughter.

40-year-old estate agent Kainth Davinder was enjoying a private meal with his family at the high-end Sotogrande Resort in Spain late on Saturday night, when he noticed German tourist Sandro Rottman directing an iPad towards his daughter, reports The Telegraph. After repeatedly asking Rottman to stop filming her, Davinder went and snatched the tablet from him. 

Davinder found photographs of his young daughter taken by Rottman, who was arrested only a few days earlier for possessing child pornography. Kainth threw the tablet on the ground and punched the suspected paedophile before leaving the resort. 

Rottman, who was seriously injured, was immediately taken to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

A source at the local Guardia Civil, which is investigating the incident, said that they believe that Rottman died of a single punch, "but this is yet to be confirmed by the post-mortem results."

The restaurant owner revealed that he thought the British ex-pat overreacted and that the German was taking photos of everyone in the restaurant, not just the young girl.

"It all seemed very innocent to me. The British man was with his family. He seemed to get very upset all of a sudden and punched the other man before anyone could stop him," he said.

A spokesman for the Civil Guard based in Algeciras has confirmed that the victim was in fact arrested by the Guardia Civil a few days earlier for possession of child pornography. He also revealed that the victim had recorded a video of the British man's daughter and taken a few photos.

Davinder has since been arrested and an investigation is on.