Jesus Christ
Jesus ChristWikimedia Commons

A British forensic scientist Richard Neave has recreated the image of Jesus Christ using computerised tomography to recreate the image.

The new version of was created using three skulls, which were found from Israeli archeological sites. The resultant finding portrays Jesus as a black man, with a broader nose and a curly hairstyle.

However, the world has been familiar with a different image of Jesusâ€"be-robed, pale skinned, with blonde hair and green eyes, according to Yahoo News.

There have never been any actual drawings of Jesus discovered, hence scientists have termed Neave's version as the 'most realistic one.'

79-year-old Richard Neave is a British forensic expert in facial reconstruction. He retired from the University of Manchester. Neave's image of Jesus Christ was first published in Popular Mechanics on 23 January 2015, but resurfaced on the internet this week, according to Yahoo News.

Augmenting his research,  the forensic scientist says that, for example, the image was created of Jesus' hair, looking at drawings of the average man from the region at that time and filling the remaining gaps. 

Neave has also attempted to reconstruct the faces of other historical figures such as King Midas of Phrygia, father of Alexander the Great.

Neave has worked on other projects as well. He helped to solve a murder mystery by recreating a corpse's face. In an Interview to BBC in 1998, he had said: "I made a plaster cast of the skull which gives me something to work on. Then I put clay over it and, using soft tissue measurements, build up the anatomy of the face," he said.

He also added, "Inevitably there are some areas where you have to speculate, particularly if parts of the skull are missing," according to the report in Yahoo.