Brett Lee
Brett Lee came down to Bangalore for the promotion on Monday.IANS

There are so many kids across India who suffer from hearing loss issues. Former Australia speedster wants this issue to be thrown out of the window and wishes that these kids lead a normal life just like others. 

Thus, Brett Lee decided to be the brand ambassador of Cochlear's global hearing ambassador. He has named this campaign as the 'Sound of Cricket.'

"I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this noble cause. I am here to raise awareness in this country. If the kids across, who are suffering from hearing loss issue, are cured, then not only cricket, but they can play any sport," Lee said at a press conference at a private hotel in Bangalore, Monday. 

"This implant will bring a broad smile in those faces. Their confidence will also be high. The psychological impact will also reduce with time. These kids can study in normal school and not in the special schools."

When asked whether he knows any cricketer who has had to deal or dealing with such a problem, Lee stated that he knew a kid named Austin, an Indian origin child born and brought up in Australia, was suffering from this problem. When he played he had to put one of his ears forward if he had to listen to anything as cricket is all about sound, eye and hand co-ordination. This boy was helped by Cochlear. He got an implant and he was perfectly fine after a certain period of time post his implant.

"Even I used to ask the umpires to get an implant when they used to fail to hear the knicks on the ground," Lee joked while adding to his point.