Shravya Reddy
Breast size question controversy: Some of Shravya Reddy's fans blast her for her indecent dressing and costumes. Pictured: Shravya ReddyFacebook

Some of Shravya Reddy's fans have had sharp reactions on her objection to a pervert's question about her breast size. They told her to come well dressed on the live video chats that she has if she really wants to talk about serious subjects.

Shravya Reddy was recently talking about Narendra Modi's move of banning notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000. The actress got furious when a pervert quizzed her about her breast size. She blasted the guy saying that every woman including his mother has breasts. She advised her fans to focus on the topic she was talking about rather than her body. She requested them to help poor people in their time of need.

Hundreds of her fans responded to her and praised her for taking up the initiative of spreading awareness about Narendra Modi's demonetisation move. They assured her that they will help the poor and even street vendors. But her outburst against the pervert did not go well with some of her fans, who advised her to cover up when she decides to do a live chat.

Here are some comments of a few fans in response to her chat video on the Facebook page of Shravya Reddy:

Posa Mahesh BaBu: Your thought is good...i appreciate you...but i wanna tell something to u....why are u getting angry?. i understood..why did you get angry?somebody they commented u with using bad words...first just dont have any manners at all..when you are giving a speech or discussing a topic or situation or giving a live hava to maintain decent manner dress?thats very important to a every person of motivational speaker?mind it..

Sai Prasad Rayasam: Hii u told that u r acctress r anchor, so please u dont divert about ur, target while in ur working time by negative reaction of public. sry for i given this sugession but u have good motivation of situations, i seen ur video, in this u explaining the topic very patiency, & creating interesting to lisen topic without boring, but certain time u loosing ur patiency. this kind of work is not ur target. ple live those negative guys ple focus ur career, u have bright future because of ur talent only. ple excuse if having mistakes & take positive in my knowledge the actor should be like claim (Banka matti). THANK YOU WIS U ALL SUCESS & GOODLUCK bye.

Varun Payan: Really i respect u shraavya but please change ur costumes and come to live .. because ur looking very bad so that our guys are reacting like this .. but am not judge anything ... but please try .. this wear traditional and come to live .. see all will change ur fans .. like respect and powerfull fans .. sory if i wrong

Vbr Vikram: What to do uh is that u r buying dresss or any trust is providing u, even now also ur adjusting the dress y coz that exposes to us then thats ur mistake, when u r trendy be trendy but dont be rubish not for all girls i mean who r rubbished and i do see many girls they are really awesome every one will better shd be get wife like this, 1st u must repect ur self then automatically u ill get respect even I ill give respect more then my mother, and i am sorry to every 1 if my mistake. last but not least IN THIS WORLD NO ONE IS PERFECT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Rammohan Chowdary: Please change ur self your showing your body to every body so that peopels are talking f..k words be a indian girl then talk about this nonsense

Madhav Kalyan: Yes we will defintely share but one thing dear ur so cute but wear a dress which doesn't have a low neck like this is my friendly suggestion

But Shravya Reddy is apparently not bothered about these fans who are blasting her. The actress says that it's always guys who message her but with this issue she has been receiving support from many women across the country. She said she's glad to see such a huge response from them.

"I am so glad I called out this harasser. I usually don't get messages from women. But after this incident, so many women from across the country have messaged me appreciating me for what I did. I haven't felt so accepted, ever. It is heartwarming to see how women are being supportive of their ilk. That's needed in this day and age," said Shravya Reddy to Hyderabad Times.