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In what is another huge disappointment for the cricket fans, the ICC 2019 World Cup game between India and New Zealand was called off after repeated showers prevented the outfield from drying in time to allow even the shortest possible match.

India have won their first two matches and having to share points for this game would be their first sub-optimal result. The same is the case with New Zealand who have won all their three matches in the tournament, albeit against weaker opposition.

This contest was expected to be an exciting affair with both teams possessing a good bowling attack as well as quality batsmen to counter them. If the game had got underway, then, the team bowling first would have got a huge advantage as both sides have bowlers capable of swinging the ball.

The ICC, on the other hand, is receiving flak for not having reserve days for matches as this is now the fourth game that has been abandoned. India's next contest would be against neighbours Pakistan on June 16.