Florida shooting
A photo from the Florida State University as tweeted by a student.Twitter

In yet another campus shooting incident in the United States, a gunman opened fire inside the campus of the Florida State University in Tallahassee on Thursday, injuring three people before finally being shot dead by the police.

Officials with Tallahassee Memorial Health Care confirmed that two persons have been injured, TV networks reported.

An emergency alert had been sounded out in the university warning of a "dangerous situation" after the gunman was reported to be in the library, The Age reported. 

It is not yet clear if the injured were students. 

"The police came on the intercom and said that there was a gunman in the lobby, and I think he said two people had been shot," a student told ABC News.

Several students took to social media to tweet about the incident, with some expressing how they thought 'they were going to die' and of students leaving 'farewell messages' on boards. 

"Guy at library with gun wtf," one tweet read.