BHU student murder
(Representative image)Pixabay

A lone gunman opened fire at the Palms motel in Darwin in Northern Australia on June 4, Tuesday, killing at least four people and injuring 2.

Lee Morgan, the Northern Territory Police Duty Superintendent, said the shooter is a 45-year-old man. He has been taken into police custody and there is no indication that he had accomplices to the crime. 

A witness told BBC that a woman, who was shot multiple times in the leg came running towards her. She also said that the gunman had a pump-action shotgun, which he used to shoot the victims with. 

"A man came running with a woman in his arms from next door which is the Palms Motel, which is the motel next to my motel, and he just dropped her on the footpath right in front of us," the witness the said. 

She added: "I ran and got some towels and wrapped up her legs, she had little holes all in her skin on both her legs and she was bleeding everywhere."