Break Or Brick It, HTC Will Replace Your One M9 For Free, No Questions Asked
HTC 'Uh Oh' Program Replaces Your One M9 For Free Within First Year, No Questions AskedREUTERS/Gustau Nacarino

HTC may have lost the high-end smartphone battle to Samsung in terms of specs and features, but the Taiwanese tech giant is making up for it with an attractive deal.

Its newly-launched "Uh Oh Protection" offers complete security to your M9. What's more interesting is the fact that HTC will replace the smartphone for any given reason, without asking any question. It's quite useful for those who frequently tend to drop their phones. And we all know that any repair of high-end phones usually shakes up the wallet.

HTC's latest free-replacement initiative is an extension of last year's HTC Advantage, where the company replaced cracked screen on One M8 within first six months of purchase. By covering the entire handset under warranty, HTC is demonstrating how far it can go to compete in the flagship smartphone race widely dominated by Apple and Samsung.

"This opens up more customers to consider HTC, which ultimately will sell more HTC Ones," Jason MacKenzie, president of HTC's Americas business, told CNET.

HTC launched its latest flagship One M9 smartphone at the MWC 2015, but the Samsung duo, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, stole the thunder. In comparison to Samsung flagships, HTC One M9 lacked innovation and upgrade. But the company remains optimistic about its success. The new "Uh Oh Protection" program is one of the biggest USP for the One M9.

HTC customers will not have to go through a lengthy process just to get a free replacement. They can simply call HTC's free customer support line and verify the device's unique identification number. After the agent confirms it is still under warranty, a brand new handset will be shipped overnight. Along with the new handset, there will be an envelope to return the old handset within 20 days.

What you must know about the program is that a free replacement can be done just once during the warranty period, which is still a generous deal, given that other vendors charge for repair involving customers' fault.

If you are thinking what's in it for you if you are a careful user, HTC has something for you too. At the end of the year, those who do not wish to replace their phones will get $100 off on their next HTC One purchase. The warranty however, does not cover lost or stolen phones.