Guinness World record for fastest typing
Guinness World record for fastest typingScreenshot

Marcel Fernandes Filho, a Brazilian teenager has entered his name into the Guinness Book of World Records for fastest-ever typing ability on a touchscreen-based mobile phone. Significantly, last year he set the world record for the same feat. And this year he broke his own set record by typing "Fastest Time to Type a Text Message on a Touchscreen Device."

For setting the record last year Marcel had used a Samsung Galaxy S4 and set the record by typing the above-written sentence on just 1u8 seconds and 19 milliseconds. This year he used an iPhone 6 Plus only and typed the same in just 17 seconds.

A video of the same which has been posted on YouTube shows Marcel pairing his iPhone 6 Plus smartphone with Flesky, a virtual third-party keyboard available for iOS 8-based devices. Experts feel he chose iPhone 6 Plus this year for its bigger screen size, which makes the user use both their hands more comfortably and type faster than ever.

Significantly, Apple iPhone device owners had the luxury to use the Apple-made keyboard only. But with iOS 8, Apple opened the keyboard SDK library for the developers. And following that several developers came and made available some great keyboard apps.

For installing a third-part keyboard iOS 8, users are required to go to Settings->General->Keyboard->Keyboards->Add New Keyboard and then select the preferred keyboard.