Director Srikanth Addala's Telugu movie "Brahmotsavam," starring superstar Mahesh Babu, Samantha, Kajal Aggarwal and Pranitha, has received mixed reviews from the audience around the world.

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"Brahmotsavam" is a family drama that revolves around a young man who sets out to discover his roots. Besides direction, Srikanth Addala has written the story, screenplay and dialogues for the movie, which is about how small celebrations turn into Brahmotsavam (a grand celebration).

"Brahmotsavam" is about a family comprising a brother (Satyaraj) and his six sisters in Vijayawada and these members are separated, due to some reasons. the brother's son Ajay (Mahesh Babu) sets out to reunite them. How he does it with the help of his maradalu (sisters-in-law, played by Samantha, Kajal Aggarwal and Pranitha) forms the crux of the story.

The audience say "Brahmotsavam" has a tried-and-tested story that has been seen in Telugu films several times, but Srikanth Addala's treatment of the subject has made it a perfect family entertainer. Some romantic, comedy and sentimental scenes keep the viewers entertained throughout the movie, but the slow and dragging narration plays spoilsports.

Mahesh Babu has a never-before role and has delivered a wonderful performance, which is the highlight of "Brahmotsavam." The roles of Samantha, Kajal and Pranitha are crucial and they have done justice to them. The movie features an ensemble cast of Naresh, Sathyaraj, Jayasudha, Revathi, Rao Ramesh, Tanikella Bharani and others, whose performances are also big assets, say the viewers.

"Brahmotsavam" has a whopping Rs. 75 crore budget, with Prasad V Potluri has bankrolling it under his banner PVP Cinema. The movie has rich production values, which make it a visual treat. Mickey J Meyer's melodious soundtrack, Mani Sharma's background Music, R Rathnavelu's picturisation, selection of exotic locales, beautiful art direction and costumes are big attractions on the technical front, add the audience.

We bring you some viewers' verdicts on the film  shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of "Brahmotsavam" movie review by the audience:

Sreedhar Pillai ‏@sri50

#Brahmotsavam 2.5/5.Boring. Long drawn out, wafer thin stale story line which fails to take off. There is hardly any drama, falls flat. #Brahmotsavam 2.5/5. @urstrulyMahesh let down by a contrived story needs 2 reinvent himself. Content is what matters most even for a star.

Jalapathy Gudelli ‏@JalapathyG

#Brahmotsavam: A story of a protagonist finding out his family linage like in Haley's "Roots" is told with disjointed ideas in boring way. #Brahmotsavam: Mahesh Babu's charismatic presence, splendid cinematography by Rathnavelu & rich production values are worth of appreciation.

Karnati Suman ‏@karnatisuman

#‎Brahmotsavam Mahesh Babu again proved that he is the best in story selection... Awesome performance by Rao Ramesh n Mahesh. A honest attempt by Srikanth. ‪#‎humanvalues Totally a message/stroy based family entertainment movie. Not a routine mass Masala movie. You Love The Movie If U Love Your Family

Virat Kohli ‏@Raghava4mahesh

Pre - interval 20 minutes Mahesh,Rao Ramesh Satyaraj acting ultimate #Superbbb ___/___ #Brahmotsavam 1st half good Mahesh - Kajal love scenes Mahesh - Satyaraj emotional scenes excellent Randy DOP,Gopi sunder BGM outstanding Mahesh -Venela Kishore - Sam scenes bavunayyi Climax scene Rao Ramesh Mahesh performance, dialogues super. movie my rating 3.5/5 Mahesh,Rao Ramesh Sathyaraj,Dop Randy dialogues Mahesh performance as usual kummesadu interval,climax scenes Mahesh -Kajal love scenes @urstrulymahesh at Best #Brahmotsavam

Vipul Reddy™ ‏@tweetsbyVipul

Done With 1st Half! Pure Class Movie,Family Entertainer! It's all about family nd Attachments :) Interval Shot Mahesh Peaks anthey!! Done With #Brahmotsavam It's all about Pure Family Emotions :) Mahesh Nailed It,He Is Always the Best Either In Class or Mass!


Visuals are so good...Pre interval scene #Brahmotsavam ..2nd half gone totally wrong..dragged and boring movie..Interval & climax stands out ..Mahesh was good asusual

Satyajith Ankareddy ‏@satyajithpinku

Okay first half , colour full.songs, pace was slow but Mahesh Kajal.nailed #Brahmotsavam

CA Avinash ‏@Iam_Avi_ssmb

Movie is good #Brahmotsavam mahesh acting super Mahesh n kajal love scenes bhagunnay finally it's a good movie with good emotions .

HARI KIRAN ‏@harikiranroyal

Very bad 1st half. Interval scene is good. #Brahmotsavam #Brahmotsavam 1st half : Addala completely lost the plot and just doing Timepass with Songs and logic less scenes.

Varun Yeggina ‏@Yeggina

First half hampered with too many songs. Second half is slightly better. Sam and Mahesh chemistry at its best.Expected better #Brahmotsavam Superb preinterval scene by @urstrulyMahesh.One of the best in his career. Loved @Samanthaprabhu2 energy on screen.Too good. #Brahmotsavam

I saw the devil ‏@raym_shaik

My epic journey to watch #Brahmotsavam turned out as disastrous as the muvi itself being a diehard fan f @urstrulyMahesh was yawning thru it #Brahmotsavam lacks story @urstrulyMahesh is completely out of sync n Mahesh hardly talks in d muvi, d irony is d muvi itself makes fun f it Pre interval and climax are the best scenes from #Brahmotsavam @vennelakishore @Samanthaprabhu2 scenes were awesoem n gud background score

Saideep ‏@Saideepthehunk

Coming out of theatre complex alone to my car, thinking about family. This movie did make a thought in my mind #Brahmotsavam. BGM is heart and soul of the movie. Is it manisharma? Take a bow #Brahmotsavam. Being togetherness and celebrating every moment with loved ones will impact people in abroad for sure because we crave for it. #Brahmotsavam. Kaka @vennelakishore lilly character start to end alladinchav anthe. #Brahmotsavam

Super Sampangi ‏@supersampangi

Currently in 2nd half.. Babu rocked in 1st half esp interval. #Brahmotsavam #jaibabu #brahmotsavamspecialdays. done with the show..ilanti kotha concept film cheyadaniki @urstrulyMahesh guts _/_..good execution.hope audience encourage #brahmotsavam wonderful performance by superstar @urstrulyMahesh especially in interval and climax _/_ #swamisikharam #brahmotsavam #jaibabu

Raja Shekar ‏@modemraj

Emotional climax ..Mahesh and Rao ramesh performance super. It's a different film handled in a fresh way without much of melodrama. Visual treat Beautiful Songs and Lively performance from all the characters #Brahmotsavam. I enjoyed it especially the love story and conflict points. Box office depends on how audience will accept the main concept in second half.

Pooja Mahesh ‏@PoojaDaPrincess

Toooo good first half.. , Engaging second half so far This movie reminds me of the day I asked my grandpa about his father and his father and his father. Made me emotional.. and content Awesome climax. My heart is heavy Fresh ...emotional..feel good..

Pallak Lalwani ‏@pallaklalwani

Finally watched #brahmotsavam it's such a feel good family drama loved screen presence of @urstrulymahesh and on screen chemistry between. The @MsKajalAggarwal & @urstrulyMahesh is lovable

Narayanan ‏@narayananrl

#Brahmotsavam 1st half - Too many songs.Rao Ramesh,Satyaraj acting in interval block superb.Kajal usual.Mahesh dance in BalaTripunami rofl. #Brahmotsavam 1st half - As expected it's family drama.Sentiment,Dialogues superb.Samantha yet to come.Too many songs causes bore.

Venkyreviews ‏@venkyreviews

#Brahmotsavam 1st half is Average. Slow placed and too many songs. Interval is awesome and very emotional. Mahesh and Rao Ramesh are nice. #Brahmotsavam 2nd half decent. Overall an average movie and did not reach expectations. Mahesh Babu is the saving grace.