"Brahmotsavam" has grossed over Rs. 50 crore at the worldwide box office in the first week of its release and has become the second biggest earner for Superstar Mahesh Babu after his blockbuster film "Srimanthudu."

"Brahmotsavam" was released in over 2,000 cinema theatres across the globe amidst huge hype and expectations and the flick received a decent response at the ticket counters everywhere. The word of mouth and bad whether took a toll on the performance of the movie, which witnessed over 70 percent dip on Saturday and Sunday. The film collected Rs. 40.88 crore gross at the worldwide box office in its opening weekend and its distributors' share stood at Rs. 27.53 crore.

Its collection dropped considerably further on Monday and it went on a falling spree on the following week days. On weekdays, "Brahmotsavam" grossed Rs. 9.15 crore at the worldwide box office and the film earned Rs. 7.20 crore for its distributors.

"Brahmotsavam" has collected Rs. 50.03 crore at the worldwide box office in the first week. The film has earned Rs. 34.73 crore for the distributors, who have shelled out Rs. 73.40 crore on its theatrical rights. The movie has failed to recover at least 50 percent of their investments on the film.

Here is the table detailing the first-week area-wise share of "Brahmotsavam," "1: Nenokkadine," "Aagadu" and "Srimanthudu." These numbers are based on different reports and may vary from the actual figures released by the films' makers/distributors.

Area Brahmotsavam 1: Nenokkadine Aagadu Srimanthudu
Nizam Rs. 8.35 crore Rs. 6.87 crore Rs. 7.14 crore Rs. 14.38 crore
Ceeded Rs. 2.80 crore Rs. 2.58 crore Rs. 2.98 crore Rs. 6.30 crore
Vizag Rs. 2.15 crore Rs. 1.70 crore Rs. 1.84 crore Rs. 3.35 crore
G East Rs. 2.40 crore Rs. 1.77 crore Rs. 1.66 crore Rs. 3.68 crore
G West Rs. 2.48 crore Rs. 1.26 crore Rs. 1.54 crore Rs. 3.05 crore
Krishna Rs. 1.66 crore Rs. 0.97 crore Rs. 1.17 crore Rs. 2.86 crore
Guntur Rs. 2.74 crore Rs. 2.15 crore Rs. 2.05 crore Rs. 3.66 crore
Nellore Rs. 0.90 crore Rs. 0.86 crore Rs. 0.87 crore Rs. 1.27 crore
AP/T Total Rs. 23.48 crore Rs. 18.10 crore Rs. 19.25 crore Rs. 38.55 crore
Karnataka Rs. 4.50 crore Rs. 2.10 crore Rs. 3.15 crore Rs. 5.40 crore
Rest of India
Rs. 1.35 crore Rs. 0.90 crore Rs. 1.45 crore Rs. 2.05 crore
Overseas Rs. 5.40 crore Rs. 4.10 crore Rs. 7.35 crore Rs. 11.73 crore
Global Total Rs. 34.73 crore Rs. 25.20 crore Rs. 31.20 crore Rs. 42.80 crore