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Brad PittTim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Brad Pitt's personal life is going through a rough phase from the last couple of years but the Fight Club movie star has proved that he is stronger than all the obstacles. The acclaimed movie star is currently in the midst of an ugly custody battle with his estranged wife Angelina Jolie. But this is not the only legal issue he is facing these days.

Back in 2014, Brad Pitt's Make It Right foundation came under the radar after several of the green homes it built shown severe signs of degradation. It was earlier informed that an attorney planned to sue Brad Pitt's Make It Right foundation over the degradation of homes built in New Orleans. Attorney Ron Austin revealed in August that on behalf of some Lower Ninth Ward residents, he is going to take Pitt's foundation to the court.

Ron Austin revealed that following the infrastructural issues, the residents of Lower Ninth Ward reportedly suffered from severe headaches. However, as per recent reports, Brad Pitt filed court documents in Louisiana in the lawsuit brought against him and his non-profit foundation.

According to Brad Pitt, his Make It Right foundation was founded because they wanted to build high-performance, sustainably-designed homes to be sold at affordable prices to the residents of Lower Night Ward, who were affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Brad Pitt has stated that he had no duty personally to the homeowners and at the same time, he did not breach any kind of deal with them.

The court docs read, "Mr. Pitt cannot simply be lumped together with other defendants and held liable for alleged conduct in which he is not even alleged to have participated."

As per The Blast, Brad Pitt's lawyer argued in court that the "Petition contains no allegations that Mr. Pitt committed any act or omission, other than in his capacity as a Director, which allegedly caused plaintiffs emotional distress, much less a physical injury."

Brad Pitt wishes that his name should be entirely taken out from the case, and at the same time, he is not requesting that his foundation should be let off.