Manny Pacquiao
Buboy Fernandez feels Pacquiao's punches have become harder and sharper than before.Reuters

Boxing fans were surprised when Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez in the sixth round of their fight in 2012, considering the Filipino had never lost a single bout against the Mexican.

But, that is a thing of the past and the Filipino would be eager to turn victorious on 2 May at MGM Grand, when he takes on Floyd Mayweather in what has been termed as the fight of the century.

Buboy Fernandez, who is Pacquiao's assistant trainer and also his best friend, believes that the Filipino lost his bout against Marquez as he was eager to make his fans happy.

"He's a fearless fighter inside the ring. In his desire to end the fight in a convincing fashion just to make the fans happy, he went for the kill in the dying seconds of the sixth round. And he paid dearly for it," Boxing Scene quoted Fernandez as saying.

After that loss against the Mexican, the Filipino has won all his matches (3) against Brandon Rios, Timothy Bradley and Chris Algieri.

"He has learned a big lesson out of that [loss]. He became more cautious and has matured a lot as a fighter."

It is understandable to make the fans happy, but Pacquiao cannot afford to make such mistakes against Mayweather, who will pounce on any wrong moves that the Filipino would make during the bout.

Mayweather is a southpaw boxer, and pundits have been talking about the fact that the American has not fought a boxer like Pacquiao in his career.

The American has an impeccable record in his boxing career, where he has not lost a single bout. Will the Filipino be the first boxer to hand him his first defeat?

As per Fernandez, who has been with the boxer for a number of years, feels his punches have become harder and sharper than before. One also has to remember that the American is also undergoing heavy training with his trainers and is fighting sparring partners as well to get in perfect shape for the 2 May bout.

The American is said to possess one of the best defense amongst boxers, but Fernandez feels that Pacquiao's would shatter Mayweather's defense.

"Mayweather has not fought in his entire career a fighter with so much power, speed and a fearless heart like Manny Pacquiao. His defense would be shattered," said the assistant trainer.