Manny Pacquiao
Everyone has been talking highly about Manny Pacquiao's speed, which could be an important factor when he fights Floyd Mayweather on 2 May

Odds are divided when it comes to Manny Pacquiao vs Floyd Mayweather as some boxers believe the Filipino to be the favourite, while for others it is the American who will win the bout on 2 May at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Boxers such as Lennox Lewis and Eddie Chambers might have sided with Mayweather, but Antonio Tarver, another former boxer, believes Pacquiao is going to be dangerous for Mayweather and might trouble the American.

Tarver told, "Listen man, I'm not gonna sit here and say this is not a dangerous fight for Floyd Mayweather — everybody knows this is a dangerous fight for Floyd, everyone knows that, especially Floyd Mayweather."

With both boxers having started their training for the big bout, expect both the camps to have some clear strategy to outdo the opponent. Freddie Roach, the Filipino's trainer, has already made it clear that he has some plans up his sleeve for Pacquiao.

"He's gonna have to go to the drawing board and come in at the best condition and I'm sure he's gonna do that as he always has and I can't go against perfect, the man has been perfect throughout his career," added Tarver.

Traver, nicknamed 'Magic Man', also considers the Filipino to be a tremendous southpaw, which the American has not encountered much.

"We've seen Pacquiao knocked out, but at the same time, he possesses the type of style and from a southpaw stance, we cannot lose sight of that. Pacquiao is a tremendous southpaw, something that Floyd Mayweather hasn't seen a whole lot of, and Pacquiao is moving at light speed."

Everyone has been talking about Pacquiao and his speed, which could prove to be a very important factor during the bout, though Mayweather is not too slow either. Tarver added, "I don't think Pacquiao can match Floyd's speed but I think he's fast enough."

The fight between the two was one of the most anticipated ones in boxing history. Boxing fans around the world were more than eager to see both the boxers clash inside the ring, which has finally come true. They were first expected to fight in 2010, but the bout was not materialised then.

The bout on 2 May is expected to shatter all box office records in boxing history with both the Filipino and the American expected to pocket huge money from the bout.

But, these boxers might not be thinking about the dollars that they would be making from the bout, but the pride that would be at stake at MGM Grand, as Mayweather has not lost a single bout in his professional career, while Pacquiao would want to break his unbeaten record.

If the Filipino manages to do that, he would earn a special place in boxing history as well.