Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson is in in Manny's camp for the 2 May bout against Floyd MayweatherReuters

It is not only people involved in the sport of boxing, who seem to be interested in the mother of all fights, which would see Floyd Mayweather take on Manny Pacquiao on 2 May at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Celebrities like Liam Neeson, an Irish actor, have shown interest in the bout as well, which has been billed as the 'fight of the century', as it had been pending for long. They were expected to fight in 2010, but it did not materialise.

The Irish actor wants the Filipino to beat the American. "I'm definitely in Manny's camp. Yeah, sure, I want him to beat this guy," said Neeson, as quoted by ABS CBN News.

But, it is not going to be an easy outing for the Filipino, as Mayweather has an impressive record of being the 'unbeaten'. Will Manny Pacquiao be able to become the first boxer to defeat Floyd Mayweather?

Both the boxers have already started their training and the American is said to have got 10 different sparring partners to prepare for his fight against the Southpaw.

Pacquiao's camp is also said to have started the ball rolling as they have also got some sparring partners with similar style to that of Mayweather.

This just explains the seriousness of the fight with both boxers wanting to defeat the other. The bout has all the ingredients for being one of the greatest in the boxing history.

There is a lot of pride at stake for both the boxers as they take on one another, as the winner could be hailed as the greatest boxer in their category.

Neeson seems to have a pretty good knowledge about the mega bouts, which have taken place in the past and has compared this 2 May fight with Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier bout. He said, "This could be (like) the Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier fight of 1971."

During the time, Ali-Frazier fight of 1971 had been dubbed as the fight of the century, where Joe Frazier defeated Muhammad Ali at New York's Madison Square Garden. The fight is still remembered by boxing fans around the world and people expect a similar fight between the American and Filipino.