Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather during the news conference, ahead of his 2 May bout against Manny PacquiaoReuters

There were reports before the fight of the century was finalised that Floyd Mayweather was trying to avoid the mega fight against Manny Pacquaio. But the American suggested that it was in fact because of him that the bout is taking place.

The negotiations dragged on for such a long time that people involved in the sports of boxing were left clueless and many felt that the bout might not shape up.

"A lot of times you hear certain things from the media, certain things from the critics, the writers that are not true, that's totally false," said Mayweather in the press conference.

"We tried to make this fight happen in the past. The teams kept bumping heads because of random blood and urine testing, then about being the A-side and who's going to be the B-side."

The Filipino is said to have agreed to all the demands, which were put forward by Mayweather's camp.

Media reports suggested that it was Pacquiao, who was eager for the fight as compared to the American, but Mayweather made it clear that the fight did not happen because of the Filipino. He even stated that he was the one who actually wanted to fight Pacquiao in May.

"Everyone wants to keep talking about how this fight happened. This fight happened because of me. This fight didn't happen because of Manny Pacquiao - because I asked for the fight myself."

"We had to choose an opponent for May and I said what better opponent to choose - and so we chose Pacquiao."

However, how the bout was made or who made it happen is a smaller part of the bigger picture, as the bout on 2 May at MGM Grand in Las Vegas is what people are interested in. The bout between the two is expected to break all box office records that exists in boxing history as it is also going to be one the richest sporting event in the world.

Meanwhile, there are some concerns for the quality of the bout, as neither of competitors are in their prime. But they have started their training and want to give their best fight, as there is a lot of stake as well.

Mayweather holds an impressive professional career record where he remains unbeaten in his 47 bouts, while the Filipino has won 57 of his 64 bouts till date.