Freddie Roach
Freddie Roach also considers that Mayweather's legs are a problemReuters

Manny Pacquiao is preparing for the mega fight against Floyd Mayweather and it is the Filipino's trainer, Freddie Roach who is the mastermind for the 2 May bout, which has been regarded as the 'fight of the century'.

The Hall of Fame American trainer has been involved in some serious training with the Filipino at the Wild Card Boxing Club, where they are expected to be planning out their strategy, which has to be immaculate.

There is no room for error against top boxers like Mayweather, who can make their opponents pay heavily.

Not only Pacquiao, Mayweather is also involved in some serious training with his trainers. 

The trainer has not talked much about what has been going inside the Boxing club, but he did talk a little about their preparations and how they will use Mayweather's favourite punch as an advantage.

"I know what his favorite punch is and I will like it when he uses it against Manny Pacquiao because Manny...I think the southpaw stance will help him," quoted Roach.

"I think he'll take advantage of it but it's gotta be precise, it's gotta be timing. It's gotta be almost perfect. I mean, you have no room for error with this fight."

Manny is considered to be a great southpaw and Mayweather has not faced such a southpaw in his previous fights, hence, it is not going to be an easy fight for the American. Southpaw is basically a stance, where the boxer has his right hand and right foot forward and uses left jabs along with a right hook.

Expect Roach, one of the best trainers in the world to train the boxer over the course of the next 40 odd days to counter whatever is thrown at him and deliver his strong punches of his own to defeat Mayweather.

The game is going to be an entertaining one with Pacquiao who is a very aggressive boxer and Mayweather known for his defense inside the ring. Though, both boxers may be past their prime, they will give their best.

Roach feels that the American has changed over the years and lacks fluidity as well. He said, " I think he's slowed down quite a bit. I think he has to take breaks. He can't move fluidly for 12 rounds like he used to. His legs are a problem."