Freddie Roach
Freddie Roach is one of the most well known trainers in the sport of boxingReuters

Manny Pacquiao may be tight-lipped about the 2 May bout against Floyd Mayweather, but it is his trainer Freddie Roach who has been doing all the talking and has been stating that the Filipino could defeat the American.

Many experts and boxers alike have given their opinion on the bout and opinions have been divided as well.

The world has been talking about Pacquiao and his quickness inside the ring, which stands second to none. This could well prove to be a very important factor in the bout at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

But apart from that, Roach also brings into picture Mayweather's weakness, as he considers the American to have a fragile hand and feels that Pacquaio has better legs at this moment.

"I say his (Mayweather) legs are a little shot, a little worn and I think Pacquiao has better legs at this moment at this time and I think maybe Pacquiao is a little faster than Mayweather and hits a little bit harder," Roach told Reuters.

"Mayweather has brittle fragile hands and is not the biggest puncher in the world, I think we have more assets to win the fight, I feel."

When one talks about punches, it would not be fair to state that the American is not the biggest puncher (though it might have dwindled over the years), for it is with his punches that he has knocked out many opponents in the court.

Mayweather has knocked out his opponents 26 times out of the 47 bouts he has fought, which is an impressive record in his career, where he has not lost a single bout.

The bout, which has been billed as the fight of the century has got the whole world talking about it in anticipation. Irrespective of who wins the bout, the boxers would make huge moolah from the fight, as it is expected to shatter all box office records that existed in boxing history.

As per the terms of the contract, the Filipino has agreed a 60-40 split in favour of the American.

The tickets price for the bout is also expected to be one of the most expensive ones and celebrities might also have to cough up huge money if they are to witness the mega fight at Las Vegas.